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Safety & Security

A Safe & Secure Campus

Franklin’s Department of Safety & Security Services works hard to maintain the highest level of safety across our campus community. In collaboration with our students, staff, faculty, visitors and local law enforcement, we participate in safety services and crime-prevention programs that help make Franklin a safe and secure place to learn.

Safety & Security Office

Campus Safety

Staying Safe at Franklin

Help us keep Franklin’s Main Campus safe and secure. Although security personnel are on duty whenever classes are in session and during routine business hours, they simply cannot be everywhere at once. So we rely on you to report suspicious activity, and to take reasonable precautions to enhance your personal safety while on campus.

Intervention & Awareness

If you’re concerned about a situation or behavior that seems inappropriate for campus, please report it (we don’t need your name) so our Franklin Intervention & Awareness Team (FIAT) can address it. FIAT is comprised of both Franklin faculty and administration and is tasked with promoting health and safety through awareness and prevention.

Emergency Procedures

What to Do In An Emergency 

Because safety matters, we want you to know what to do in case of an on-campus emergency at Franklin. We’ve put together a series of emergency procedures to help ensure that the Franklin University community is a safe and secure learning and working environment.

Crime Alerts

Awareness is key to staying safe so this area is dedicated to alerting the Franklin University community about suspicious behavior or crime occurring on or near any of our locations.

Staff and students are reminded to always be aware of their surroundings and avoid suspicious persons or activities. Staff and students should report any information they have regarding this incident or any future suspicious activity they observe to the Department of Safety and Security Services at 614-947-6902 or the local police department having jurisdiction at the particular Franklin location.

If you witness any suspicious person(s) or vehicles in or around Franklin University please contact the Special Duty Officer at (614) 947-6902. In a life threatening emergency dial "911."

If you have information related to any posted alerts, please contact Safety & Security Services at 614.947.6900.