Instructor Staffing Services

Instructor Staffing Services

Staffing and faculty recruitment is challenging, expensive and time consuming. From a shortage of qualified candidates to an increasing cost-per-hire, building and maintaining a workforce is no easy task. 

By leveraging industry expertise and our candidate networks, The Institute’s instructor staffing services can identify and place qualified faculty to fit the needs of partner institutions and organizations. Quality instruction is at the core of any growing institution and with our deep pool of credentialed instructors, we can provide you with the best. 

High-Quality Instructors, Low-Stress Recruitment

Drawing on best practices and more than 20 years of experience, Franklin University has perfected a unique approach to staffing needs. Our skilled and agile staffing resources provide a foundation for a complete suite of partner-support services. We are able to help you hire and train quality faculty members, maintain teaching credentials (quality assurance), and develop faculty, as well as fulfill administrative needs, such as payroll and employee management. 

Using the expertise and faculty development model utilized by Franklin's International Institute for Innovative Instruction, we can provide expert instructors with a demonstrated ability to impact learner success. Moreover, with the help of built-in reporting and analytics, Franklin's instructor staffing services can not only hire, develop and manage faculty, but can also conduct ongoing assessment of each instructor's teaching effectiveness. 

Let Us Put Qualified People to Work for You 

Franklin University has developed its ability to provide instructor staffing services through experience hiring and managing its own growing instructor needs, as well as with working with higher education institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Franklin University staffs nearly 30 (20-25 student) classroom sessions for partner organizations each term.

Franklin University’s Staffing Services Enables You To:

  • Fulfill your volume staffing needs with faculty services available in any subject 
  • Assure instructor qualifications per accreditor standards 
  • Obtain instructors trained to teach online, face-to-face or both, in any learning management system 
  • Ease your administrative burden with payroll and employment matters administered by Franklin University 

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