Structured Learning Assistance

Structured Learning Assistance

Get the support you need to be successful with more in-depth course content review. Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and reinforce the course material. In fact, 93% of participants surveyed indicated that they felt better prepared for homework and exams after attending SLA.

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Our SLA Sessions

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Getting Started with SLA

What is SLA?

  • SLA is a weekly review of course content facilitated by Learning Commons staff. SLA sessions are offered online via Zoom.
  • Ask questions, clarify concepts, and review materials. Our facilitators can assist you in developing effective study strategies for your class.
  • SLA sessions are not mandatory course requirements. However, if you register you must commit to regular attendance.

What You Should Expect with SLA

  • Regular participation - Students may not miss more than three sessions consecutively. Otherwise, you may lose your place in the program.
  • Class attendance - SLA is not a substitute for attending class! Students are expected to attend class regularly.
  • Active participation - Students are expected to prepare for SLA by completing homework, preparing questions, and participating in the discussion.
  • Instructor notification - Your instructor will be notified of your participation in the SLA program.
  • Appropriate Behavior - SLA participants must adhere to the Franklin University Student Code of Conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions