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To submit a paper to the writing online review, please fill out the submission form. A new form must be completed for each submission. Your paper will be reviewed by a writing tutor and returned to you within 24-48 hours.  Please note the following:

  • You may submit up to two assignments per week; however, you are not permitted to submit the same assignment twice in one week.
  • All papers must be submitted as a Word document (.doc, .docx) and must be clear of any Turnitin and Grammarly comments.
  • Franklin University courses only. Tutors will not review resumes, scholarships or college/university entrance essays.
  • Academic integrity concerns will be addressed within the student's paper and returned to the student. Staff will notify the instructor of the course and lead faculty.
  • The Online Writing Review is not a proofreading or editing service. It is designed to help students improve their writing skills.
  • The accuracy of the information in your paper will not be addressed.
  • We suggest that you read your paper aloud prior to submitting a paper.
  • Students must use their Franklin University email addresses when corresponding with the professional writing tutor.

The Online Writing Review will...

  • Spend 30 minutes reviewing your submission.
  • Identify writing errors and show you how to edit your own paper.
  • Address grammar and basic writing structure.
  • Check for APA accuracy.