Choosing a Degree

At some point along their career track, many educational professionals eventually weigh the decision to earn a Ph.D. or Ed.D. in education. In our last blog post, we examined the differences between the Ph.D. and Ed.D. and the benefits an Ed.D. can offer those pursuing leadership roles in education—as well as positions in nonprofit and […]

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2017 Report, over 72 percent of all businesses in the country intend to hire employees with a business degree. That fact makes a business degree one of the most popular degrees at any university. But, what exactly can you do with a degree in […]

So, you’re good with numbers. And you’re trying to figure out whether a degree in accounting is the right way to go, or maybe a degree in finance. But there can’t be that much difference between them, right? Actually, yes, there is quite a difference. Check out the following article for some guidance on how […]

If you’re an upward-minded professional or an adult who wants to launch in a new direction, you may be considering a bachelor’s degree. But do you really know what a bachelor’s degree is and what it entails? As you research your educational options, you may have noticed a wide variety of diplomas available at online […]

Going to a graduate school is a different experience than getting your undergraduate degree. But, how different? As you consider your options for earning a master’s degree, it will help you to know what is expected of you and how you can prepare for success. It’s important to know those expectations going in, because preparing […]

The pinnacle achievement in education, doctoral degrees may also open the doors to exclusive jobs and maximize salaries. For example, business Ph.D. holders earn 9 percent more over their lifetimes than those with only master’s degrees. In education, that number rises to 24 percent. The reason is simple. The doctorate identifies that a student has […]

If earning a doctorate degree were easy, everyone would do it. But not everyone does. It takes a certain kind of fortitude to commit to – and finish – such a rigorous academic program. Those who do are among an elite group of finishers because, according to The Atlantic magazine, about 50 percent of all […]

Not that many years ago there was no such thing as the internet. There were no digital marketing careers. No multimedia designers. No web developers. Naturally, no related degree programs existed either; there simply was no need for any type of degree within a field that didn’t exist. With the advent of the digital age, […]

During World War II, the U.S. military had an obvious need to train large numbers of troops for the war effort. Enter instructional design … What is commonly thought of as a modern-day field actually started in the 1940s. It continued thereafter with business, industry and education adapting the “en masse” training model for their […]