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The demand for nurses is increasing considerably. The cause? An aging population and a shortage in nurses driven by retirement. As such, the master’s of science in nursing (MSN) degree has become a hot commodity as nurses seek to move into leadership roles and fill advanced positions that require the most current understanding of healthcare, […]

Over the past decade, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in higher education is the growth of adult learning. That trend is especially true in and around Columbus Ohio—where the growth of programs aimed at adults has grown exponentially. Now, more than ever, there are schools in the Columbus and central Ohio region promising […]

Online education in Ohio is booming. To date, more than 200 Ohio institutions offer online programs for undergraduate degrees. It can be overwhelming to compare these programs against each other. Who We Included in Our List While many list sites are out there that rank all programs against each other, we wanted to examine Ohio’s […]

We now face a previously unimaginable diversity of threats and crime, both in our backyards and globally. To keep pace and protect our communities the criminal justice system is evolving rapidly. Today, we understand victimization, analysis, detection, and prevention at a higher level than ever before. This current landscape is creating an ever-changing need for […]

Many healthcare-related fields are growing by leaps and bounds these days. That said, something even bigger is happening in the nursing field. For decades, registered nurses (RNs) have been at the center of patient care for hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, and nursing care facilities. But now, RNs who have associate degrees (ADN) or […]

The cost of graduate schools can be hard to compare, and some schools are guarded on the topic of hidden or incidental costs. Are you comparing programs to see if you’re getting a value or if you’re going to feel overcharged? Before you get started, let us introduce you to some of the noteworthy influences […]

Earning a Master’s degree is part guts, part perseverance, and all smarts. Fitting the work within a busy life can be a challenge, and that’s why you’ll want to start with a plan. Two primary points of focus for most graduate candidates are: Price – How much will it cost? Time to completion – How […]

How can you set yourself up for grad school success? If you’ve chosen your program, that’s the question that now matters most. Before you enroll and start that first graduate school course, you must be prepared for what’s ahead. Many well-intentioned degree seekers start strong but fail to finish. You need a plan that will […]

You have your bachelor’s degree, and you’re well into your career. But something isn’t quite right. It might be a matter of salary, advancement, opportunity, or confidence—or even just a feeling that you’re not really fulfilled in your work. Regardless, something has to change. One strategic way to change it is by getting a second […]