Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

Subject to funding available from the Ohio General Assembly, the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program provides tuition up to $5,202.00 ($434.00 per credit hour) per trimester to Army and Air National Guard members attending a two- or four-year public or private college or university. The scholarship is available for up to eight full-time trimesters. Scholarship program recipients must maintain good attendance at their unit drills.

OMVA Office Information

Application Process

For each trimester you plan to attend, you must be actively enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours at the time of disbursement to be eligible for benefits. Obtain your application form and submit to the Adjutant General's Department by the following deadlines:

You may submit applications up to your school's final no-penalty, add/drop date.


  • Apply for your ONGSP benefits as early as possible! Once your school opens the terms for any given semester, the application window for ONGSP will be available.
    If your school requires acknowledgment of verification of benefits by a specific date, plan to give your unit a minimum of 60 days to review your application, when possible.
  • Schools currently have no visibility of pending applications but will see your approved application in its portal as soon as the unit reviewer processes it.
  • If you apply after the school has processed benefit certifications for the semester, reach out to OMVA@franklin.edu for retroactive benefit application details

Questions? Contact the ONGSP by phone at 614.336.7032, toll-free at 1.888.400.6484.


The Office of Military and Veteran Affairs will certify National Guard Scholarships approximately the 5th week of each semester, based on current hours of enrollment.

Attending more than one school using ONGSP?
If you plan to use ONGSP at two different schools, you must apply for the ONGSP scholarship at both institutions, and be actively enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours at each school at the time of disbursement in order to be eligible for ONGS benefits.

Important Notes

  • Per instructions from the Ohio Department of Higher Education, OCOG payments should not be applied if you are receiving ONGSP that covers 100% of your tuition. Therefore you are only eligible if your tuition charges exceed the amount ONGSP is paying.
  • The combination of the Post-9/11 and ONGSP must not exceed 100% of the tuition.
  • ONGSP will be applied to tuition first and then Post-9/11 GI Bill will be applied if there is a remaining balance.
  • For students that use Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), please note that you cannot apply for Ohio National Guard Scholarship (ONGS) and then also request FTA funding for the same class(es). The current hierarchy of benefits is that FTA is to be exhausted before use of ONGSP funding. Please see your Academic Advisor for more details.

Benefits are measured in units (based on educational credits)
Maximum units available: ~ See breakdown of hours to units

•   Members who enlist in the Ohio National Guard for six years are eligible for 96 units
•   Members who enlist in the Ohio National Guard for three to five years are eligible for 48 units