Going Back to School

Since its inception in the early 1940s, the veterans GI Bill® has helped millions of military servicemen and women pursue degrees and vocational training. Today, these educational benefits are still empowering veterans as they transition into their post-military lives and careers. If you’re a veteran looking to return to school or begin college for the […]

New beginnings are both exciting and challenging. This is true for anyone embarking on their next life adventure, but the transition from the military back into civilian life comes with unique complexities. This is especially evident when it comes to former service members looking to further or complete their education. For this reason, finding and […]

Choosing to get a master’s degree is a major financial decision. For many, it’ll be one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime, right behind a house and a car. So, a natural question is: Is a graduate degree worth the cost? To answer that question effectively, you must view it as an investment and […]

So, you’ve completed some of your graduate work toward your master’s degree but you haven’t finished it for one reason or another. Maybe you started and then a major life event knocked you off track. Or, your career picked up and you had to put the degree aside. Or, your priorities shifted to your family. […]

Are you wondering if a Master’s degree is something you should pursue? It may seem like everyone is asking that question these days. As industries quickly change with the rapid advance of technology and shifting regulations, many people look to an advanced degree to provide stability. In reality, there are many reasons to consider earning […]

You’ve completed some college courses, but not enough to get your degree. Like many of us, life changed on you. Maybe you ran out of funding, had go back to work, or started a family. And although it’s been a while, now you are ready to go back and get that degree. But how long […]

“How long is this going to take?” That’s one of the most common questions people have when they are thinking about getting a grad degree. Disrupting your life for a few months is one thing, while an unexpectedly long slog is quite another. The key is to know and to plan. Below are some insights on […]

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), many community college credits are not following students when they seek a bachelor’s degree. In fact, 67% of community college students experienced the transfer burn when enrolling for a bachelor’s degree. On average, community college students lose about 13 credits following their first transfer. That’s nearly […]

When you’re applying for a graduate program, you’ll have a lot of financial and tactical questions on your mind, like cost, credits, and time to completion. But you’ll also have some really practical questions. The questions we get the most include: – What will the classes be like and who will be in them? – […]