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What Salary Can You Earn with an MBA in Marketing? 

Marketers impact every aspect of our lives—the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and even the food we eat. It’s no surprise that demand for skilled marketers continues to grow at a rapid clip across the country. From 2022 to 2032, Lightcast, a leading source of labor analytics data, predicts that demand for marketers will rise by 15.2%. 

Alongside that growing demand comes the need for a new level of technical expertise. Today’s marketers must understand complex digital tools and build and execute data-driven strategies. For many professionals, an MBA in marketing offers a unique opportunity to develop essential knowledge and prepare for leadership roles. 

What Is an MBA in Marketing?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate degree that prepares students for business leadership positions. A typical MBA curriculum covers a wide array of business topics, ranging from accounting to strategy. After earning an MBA, many professionals move into management or executive-level roles.

An MBA in marketing combines the core business framework of a standard MBA with advanced coursework on marketing topics. Students develop the skills to build integrated campaigns that span traditional marketing strategy and digital campaign-building to create a seamless experience for their audiences.

“The MBA in marketing combines advanced business and managerial courses with marketing concepts and skill development," said Dr. Kristin Martin, chair of Franklin’s MBA program. "An MBA specializing in marketing delves deeper into consumer trends, advertising, branding, market research and marketing globally and online while developing the business skills and acumen required for upper-level management.”

MBAs in marketing typically take one to two years to complete. Depending on the program, they may be earned in-person or online and on a part-time or full-time schedule. Franklin’s flexible MBA in marketing is delivered 100% online and can be completed in as few as 12 months. 

Marketing MBAs vs. Master's in Marketing Programs & Salary Insight

MBA in marketing programs offer a number of unique advantages compared to other graduate marketing programs and traditional MBAs. Since these programs pair a marketing focus with a broader business curriculum, graduates emerge prepared lead the marketing function and to work closely with other executives, boards of directors and more. Unlike master’s programs that focus solely on marketing, an MBA in marketing ensures that you understand the broader context in which your organization operates and makes decisions. 

The degree offers compelling proof of relevant knowledge and expertise for professionals who hope to advance into leadership positions within the marketing space. It can also lead to significantly increased earning potential.  

According to Lightcast, in 2022, the median advertised salary for mid- to senior-level marketing professionals was $75,200 without a master’s, and $110,000 with an MBA. 

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Top Jobs For Marketing MBAs to Consider

An MBA in marketing can move you forward in a wide range of careers, including both marketing-specific positions and other business administration roles. According to Lightcast’s survey of mid- to senior-level marketing positions advertised with salaries in 2022, potential roles include:

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Median advertised salary: $217,000

A chief marketing officer sets and oversees the marketing strategy for an entire organization. They work closely with other company executives to ensure that marketing efforts support business goals and set priorities for the rest of the marketing department.

Director of Communications

  • Median advertised salary: $110,000

A director of communications is responsible for an organization’s inward and outward-facing messaging. Within the organization, they keep employees engaged and informed about company priorities, initiatives and changes. Outside of the organization, they are responsible for publicizing the company’s work and ensuring that corporate messages are consistent and effective.

Director of Public Relations

  • Median advertised salary: $140,000

A director of public relations keeps their company front and center in the eyes of the media. They work to develop relationships with local, national and international press and handle communications if and when company crises occur. 

Digital Marketing Director

  • Median advertised salary: $115,000

Digital marketing directors oversee a company’s efforts to engage with customers via digital channels including websites, social media and email. They use analytics to measure performance and adapt strategy and ensure their company stays ahead of digital trends. 

Marketing Manager

  • Median advertised salary: $82,800

Marketing managers plan and execute marketing strategies and campaigns for companies, departments, or lines of business, depending on the size of the organization. They work to identify target audiences for a company’s products and to tailor marketing efforts to reach those potential customers. 

Market Research Analyst/Manager

  • Median advertised salary: $70,000

Market research analysts help companies understand their customers and potential new customer groups to better target their products and services. Often, these professionals use tools like customer surveys and focus groups to gather data which they use to make recommendations to their company’s marketing and product teams.

Is a Marketing MBA Right for You?

An MBA in marketing can offer a powerful return on investment. However, it does take a significant commitment of time, energy and resources. Before you embark on an MBA program, it’s important to consider your goals, personality and skill set to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

While a wide range of skills is necessary for success in marketing, Dr. Martin says that the following traits are particularly important for professionals considering an MBA in marketing.

  • Analytical abilities: Today’s marketing campaigns rely on data. From conducting consumer research to adapting messaging in response to consumer feedback, it’s essential to understand how to gather and apply data. 
  • Communication: Marketing is ultimately about communicating effectively with current and potential customers. Skilled marketers are well-attuned to the types of messaging with the greatest impact, and understand how to tailor their efforts to reach different groups. 
  • Teamwork: Marketing is highly collaborative and creative, so it’s particularly important that marketing leaders be able to work well with colleagues and motivate and inspire their teams. 
  • Reporting: Marketing leaders must be able to assess their efforts and adapt as needed based on actionable, accurate data. That often means building reports that draw on both qualitative and quantitative findings. 

Take Your Next Step with an MBA in Marketing from Franklin

Marketing success today requires a unique combination of technical skills, like digital communications and analytics, and soft skills, such as leadership and communication. Franklin’s MBA in marketing can help you build both without sacrificing your career or personal life. 

Our MBA in marketing is entirely online, with eight start dates each year. Since you can complete the program in as few as 12 months, you’ll be ready to move forward in your career before you know it.

Leading marketing experts designed Franklin’s curriculum, and you’ll learn from instructors who are practitioners in the field. Our theory-to-practice approach pairs hands-on projects and case studies with strategic analysis and marketing theory. With an MBA in Franklin under your belt, you’ll have the ability and confidence to develop robust marketing campaigns and lead effective teams. 

Learn more about how an MBA in marketing at Franklin can help you meet your goals.

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