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What Jobs Will a Business Degree Prepare You For?

If there is one, single prevailing myth about getting your bachelor’s degree, it is that “everyone has earned one.”

Not so. Not by a long shot.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that some 60 percent of American workers have not earned their undergraduate degree.

While a bachelor’s degree cannot absolutely, positively guarantee a high-paying job, corner office or six-figure salary, it certainly can:

  • Add to your skills and knowledge as a business professional;
  • Improve your earning ability; and
  • Boost the things you can do in your career.

And, if you earn your degree in business, it ups your success quotient even more.

Survey after survey, year after year, the story’s the same. A bachelor’s degree in business or business administration can lead to you to an exciting career, a great job title and a good salary.

From planning analyst, to project manager, to division manager, to small business owner, jobs for business majors and qualified graduates is good. Very good, indeed.

As a career, business and business administration, says O*Net OnLine, “encompasses planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations.”

Translation: All types of businesses across all economic sectors need business grads to help them succeed.

Perhaps that’s why U.S. News & World Report even has a Best Business Jobs list. Using 10-year growth projects, salary and other factors, the list provides a ranking of the top 25 business-related professions.

Tops on this tops list? Market research analyst with an astounding 31.6 percent employment increase projected between 2012 and 2022.

Clearly, business is, as they say, booming - at least, as a major and a career.

In fact, one of the absolutely most cool things about jobs for business and business administration majors is the wide range of career possibilities.

Here are 80 job titles, by industry or business sector, for business majors, along with a few interesting statistics for a selection of some of these growing and in-demand career opportunities and job titles.

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  1. Audit Manager
  2. Branch Sales Manager
  3. Compliance Officer - 11,000 new jobs expected through 2022
  4. Cost Estimator
  5. Examiner
  6. Financial Analyst - 40,000 new jobs expected by 2022
  7. Financial Manager - Ranked high for upward mobility
  8. Financial Operations Representative
  9. Insurance Agent - Ranked No. 7 on Best Business Jobs list
  10. Leasing Analyst
  11. Loan Administrator
  12. Loan Officer - Ranked No.9 on Best Business Jobs list
  13. Property Manager
  14. Real Estate Agent or Broker - Steady growth projection with 38,000 new jobs by 2022
  15. Revenue Performance Manager
  16. Support Analyst


  1. Account Manager
  2. Business Process Analyst/Business Systems Analyst
  3. Marketing Manager - 2013 median salary is $123,220 annually
  4. Media Supervisor - Median pay is $70,800
  5. Meeting, Convention & Event Planner - 33.2 percent job growth expected by 2022
  6. Product Marketing Manager
  7. Project Manager
  8. Sales Manager - Salaries range from $53,770 to $187,199
  9. Sales Representative - 8.9 percent employment growth through 2022
  10. Social & Community Service Manager - 23.9 percent expected growth 2012-2022


  1. Business Strategist
  2. Chief Administrative Officer
  3. Department Manager
  4. Management Analyst - 18.6 percent growth expected by 2022
  5. Planning Analyst


  1. Department Manager
  2. Distribution Center Manager
  3. District Manager
  4. Division Manager
  5. Gaming Supervisor - 8 percent expected growth through 2022
  6. Industrial Production Manager - 4,134 job openings in 2012
  7. Operations Manager - One of the highest paying occupations
  8. Regional Director
  9. Restaurant Manager
  10. Retail Salesperson - Ranks above average for flexibility and upward mobility
  11. Store Manager


  1. Administrative Manager
  2. Compensation Administrator
  3. Executive Assistant
  4. HR Specialist - 15.5 percent job growth from 2012 to 2022
  5. Labor Relations Specialist
  6. Program Coordinator
  7. Staffing Administrator
  8. Training Specialist
  9. Workforce Development Specialist


  1. Administrative Coordinator
  2. Administrative Services Manager
  3. Business Development Manager - Median pay is $82,500
  4. Client Service Consultant
  5. Consultant
  6. Customer Account Manager
  7. Customer Service Representative - O*Net OnLine gives this a “bright outlook” ranking
  8. Customer Service Supervisor
  9. Executive Assistant - Best paying cities for this career include San Francisco, San Jose and New York City
  10. General Manager
  11. Owner/Operator
  12. Project Coordinator
  13. Records & Imaging Manager
  14. Supervisor


  1. Administrative Liaison
  2. Business Analyst
  3. Chief Operating Officer
  4. Coding Quality Analyst
  5. Contract Administrator
  6. Coordinating Manager
  7. Director of Business Analytics
  8. Director of Community Operations
  9. Electronic Health Records Specialist
  10. Information Administrator
  11. Logistician - 21.9 percent employment increase expected by 2022
  12. Planning Consultant
  13. Utilities Analyst
  14. Volunteer Coordinator

Truthfully, we could list dozens, if not hundreds, more. That’s how in demand business graduates are and how versatile a business degree can be.

Why in 2012 alone, there were 4.8 million job openings related to business administration. By 2020, there will be 5.5 million - and counting. That’s a whopping 15 percent job growth projection for business majors.

Career Progression

So, how do you prepare yourself to capitalize on this growth-oriented career?

With a bachelor’s degree in business or business administration, of course!

Consider a degree in business if you want to:

  • Help businesses flourish;
  • Make your move into middle or upper management; and
  • Set yourself up for a wide variety of opportunities and choices over the lifetime of your career.

The right business degree program should provide you with a 360-degree view of business, giving you added insight to bring value to your employer or to your own small business.

From business strategy, to management and operations, to accounting, to marketing, a business administration degree can give you the much-needed skills today’s employers desire.

Ready for a thriving career in business?

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