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10 Best Business Degrees for Career-Seekers

So, you’ve decided to pursue a business degree. Great! The next question you should ask yourself is, “What type of business degree?”

University business programs have become increasingly specialized—allowing degree seekers to hone their skills to their desired career choice. But with so many business degrees out there, choosing a specific focus can be daunting.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten in-demand jobs that require a specialized business degree. How did we build the list? We considered the following for each career:

  • Projected growth rate
  • Average salary
  • Potential benefits and perks
  • Employment history (that is, how long people tend to stay in that particular field).

These 10 jobs not only have consistently high employment rates and above average salary and benefits—but they also have healthy projections for the future. Learn about the top 10 positions below—and more importantly—how they line up to a specialized business degree.

graphic describes 10 in-demand business careers

Reviewing The Top 10 Positions in Business

Human Resources Management, B.S.

Human resources managers are in demand across the spectrum—corporate companies, non-profits, local government, hospitals, and schools. Gaining specialized knowledge of the institution you desire to work through—electives or internships—will increase your chances of landing a job in the field.

Top Job for HR Degree:

  • Career: Human Resources Manager
  • Median Salary: $110,120
  • Projected Growth: 9.1%
  • Ideal For: Strategic Planners
  • Core Job Activities: Hiring, employee development, compensation models, benefits definition

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • Core business functions such as finance & accounting
  • Topical best practices in employee & labor relations, business ethics and social responsibility
  • Strategies to hire and train the right people for the business
  • Guidance to create the right policies that create an ideal work environment

Tip: Look for a program that is IACBE Accredited. This means the program follows best-practice standards for business education.

Sport Management, B.S.

According to Forbes magazine, growth for all sports-related industries is currently double the national average. Having specialized knowledge and experience in a particular sport will give you a leg up in landing an athletics administrator position—as will a degree in sport management. A willingness to relocate to be closer to major sports markets will also help your prospects.

Top Job for Sport Management Degree:

  • Career: Athletic Administrator
  • Median Salary: $62,080
  • Projected Growth: 12.6%
  • Ideal For: Team Builders
  • Core Job Activities: Hiring staff, organizing budgets, promoting programs, managing employees

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • Administrative best practices for sports programs
  • Introduction into sports psychology to manage players and coaches
  • Concepts in human resource management
  • Current coaching methodologies
  • Basic overview of current sports law and regulations
  • How to lead the business of sports programs through marketing and personnel management
  • How to organize the logistics of sports teams within an institution or organization

Tip: Look for a program that is IACBE Accredited. This means the program follows best-practice standards for business education.

Financial Management, B.S.

A financial management degree will give you the skills you need to be a financial analyst for a wide range of businesses. If you have a knack for math and strong communication skills, a financial management degree may be for you.

Top Job for Financial Management Degree:

  • Career: Financial Manager
  • Median Salary: $84,300
  • Projected Growth: 10.9%
  • Ideal For: Analytical Thinkers
  • Core Job Activities: Portfolio Management, Capital Investment Planning, General Ledgers

What You’ll Learn In a Bachelor’s Program:

  • A basic introduction to banking and financial markets
  • Foundational principles of money management and finance
  • Industry best-practices in investment strategy, managerial accounting
  • How to apply financial concepts and strategies to increase the position of an organization
  • Tools and methods to analyze and project future revenues and expenditures

Tips: Look for a program that is IACBE Accredited. This means the program follows best-practice standards for business education. In addition, once you’re established in the field, a specialized MBA in corporate finance or investment banking could help you advance your position and earning potential even more.

Healthcare Management, B.S.

Given the aging Baby Boomer population, healthcare occupations are in high demand. Medical and health services manager positions are expected to grow at a whopping 20.5 percent. A B.S. in Healthcare Management will provide you with the skills to to keep hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes running smoothly.

Top Job for Healthcare Management Degree:

  • Career: Health Services Manager
  • Median Salary: $98,350
  • Projected Growth: 20.5%
  • Ideal For: Business Leaders
  • Core Job Activities: Plan, direct, coordinate healthcare activities and initiatives

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • Foundational principles of business management
  • Introduction into organizational behaviors
  • Quantitative & qualitative methods of decision making
  • Best practices in healthcare outcomes & quality management
  • Healthcare laws & ethics

Tip: Look for a program that centers its curriculum around real-world application, not just academic knowledge.

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Statistics, B.S.

U.S. News and World Report ranked statisticians as the #1 Best Business Job for 2018. Due to the growing volume of digital data that companies need to process, the demand for statisticians and mathematicians is forecasted to grow by 33 percent. Job prospects in this field are excellent.

Top Job for Statistics Degree:

  • Career: Data Analyst
  • Median Salary: $80,110
  • Projected Growth: 33.8%
  • Ideal For: Spreadsheet Lovers
  • Core Job Activities: Analyzing numbers, using analytics tools

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • Basics of mathematical theories
  • Advanced computer systems and data models for analytical insights
  • Best practices in data analysis and interpretations
  • How to apply mathematical theory to uncover trends or insights.

A statistics degree gives you the tools you need to take data from a business and turn it into information and insight using statistical techniques. This field also requires an extensive study of computer skills.

Forensic Accounting, B.S.

According to CNN Money, the median salary of a forensic accountant sits at $103,000 annually. Plus, employees give an ‘A’ rating for personal satisfaction, making this a highly desirable job. For those with an adventurous side and an interest in criminology and finance, a degree in forensic accounting may just be the ticket.

Top Job for Forensic Accounting Degree:

  • Career: Forensic Accountant
  • Median Salary: $68,150
  • Projected Growth: 15.7%
  • Ideal For: Puzzle Solvers
  • Core Job Activities: Investigation, Interviewing, Research

Degree Recommendation:

  • Core principles of finance and financial accounting
  • Introduction to business law
  • Methods of auditing and financial fraud examination
  • Legal elements of fraud
  • Interviewing techniques
  • How to analyze systems to pinpoint illegal activities

Tip: Franklin University is one of a few schools that offers a forensic accounting degree at the undergraduate level. The program is IACBE Accredited—meaning that it follows best-practice standards for business education.

Marketing, B.S.

U.S. News & World Report ranks the role of marketing content manager as #1 in their most recent Best Marketing and Sales jobs report. A high median salary and growth rate—coupled with a very low unemployment rate—makes these roles highly coveted. A marketing degree will teach you marketing principles and management, consumer behavior, and the fundamentals of macroeconomics. A growing area within this field is the management of digital content and social media channels, and many programs are now offering concentrations in social media marketing.

Top Job for Marketing Degree:

  • Career: Marketing Content Manager
  • Median Salary: $132,230
  • Projected Growth: 10.1%
  • Ideal For: Organizers
  • Core Job Activities: Marketing research, marketing channel oversight, creative messaging, digital advertising

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • How to conduct research to drive marketing strategies
  • Principles in marketing behavior and psychology
  • Best practices in digital marketing & other marketing channels
  • How to organize integrated marketing efforts that resonate with target customers.

Tip: Look for a program that is IACBE Accredited. This means the program follows best-practice standards for business education.

Energy Consultant

As the U.S. moves toward energy self-sufficiency, there is an increasing demand for jobs in the energy management field. Energy consultants work with companies to reduce their energy consumption, offset energy costs, and reduce energy waste. An energy management degree provides you with the business and technology skills you need to audit a company’s energy consumption.

Top Job for Energy Management Degree:

  • Career: Energy Consultant
  • Median Salary: $63,400
  • Projected Growth: 14%
  • Ideal For: Green Champions
  • Core Job Activities: Business Strategy, Accounting, Market Research

Degree Recommendation:

  • Basic introduction to energy markets & innovation
  • Best practices in energy finance
  • Legal and ethical considerations in energy industry
  • Foundational principles in business law
  • Methods to help businesses innovate to achieve clean energy goals

Tip: Look for a program that accepts technical certifications or previous work as transfer credit. This will help you finish faster.

Entrepreneurship, B.S.

An entrepreneurship degree provides an immersion in the fundamentals of business creation, development, and growth. While the degree can prepare you to start your own business, many Entrepreneurship graduates pursue high salary and lower risk careers helping existing business owners improve and expand their companies.

Management consultants work individually or with a firm to help owners and managers improve their business plan through research and innovation. In this line of work, it is vital to have a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial spirit. Roles in this field are also well-suited for people who like to travel, as work often involves collaborating with clients across the country—or the world.

Top Job for Entrepreneurship Degree:

  • Career: Management Consultant
  • Median Salary: $81,320
  • Projected Growth: 12%
  • Ideal For: Problem Solvers
  • Core Job Activities:

Degree Recommendation:

  • How to identify potential of an entrepreneurial product or service
  • Basic principles in the commercialization of products & services
  • Best practices in managing micro businesses
  • Methodologies to generate funding
  • Insights into using digital marketing to grow a business

Tip: Look for a program that accepts previous work as transfer credit. This will help you finish faster. Also, look for a peer-based program that exposes you to a current network of professionals. Taking advantage of their real-world experiences and connections will lead to a strong professional network and excellent job prospects.

International Business, B.S.

Do you speak a second language? Do you have a passion for international affairs? If so, consider a job in international business management. Whether working for an overseas division of an American company or a governmental trade organization, these specialists are responsible for oversight and analysis of an institution’s imports and exports on a global scale.

Top Job for International Business Degree:

  • Career: International Trade Specialist
  • Median Salary: $81,320
  • Projected Growth: 12%
  • Ideal For: World Travelers
  • Core Job Activities: Buying, selling, trading.

What You’ll Learn in a Bachelor’s Program:

  • Foundational & advanced principles in microeconomics and macroeconomics,
  • Deep understanding of international trade policies
  • Introduction to international markets
  • Basic introduction to psychology
  • Best practices in business finance
  • How to analyze international markets and their potential to a business’s bottom line

Tip: Look for a program that accepts previous work as transfer credit. This will help you finish faster. Also, keep in mind that most upper-level management positions in international business require an MBA or a related master’s degree, so continuing your education may be in the cards.

Focusing For Success

Now that we’ve provided an in-depth view of the top 10 positions in business, you’re well on your way to choosing the right school and program to suit your career goals. Be sure to keep the expanding job market in mind. Competition for these positions is fierce. Earning a degree—the right one—can put yourself ahead of the pack.

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