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You've Chosen Your College Degree. It's Time to Take Action.

The fictional character Yoda of Star Wars fame spoke what some believe to be one of the most important pieces of advice of all time: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

You have embraced Yoda. You have decided to “do”—you are going back to college and you are finishing your degree.

Congratulations on this monumental and life-changing decision.

Even with the higher unemployment rates of the last few years, it’s tough to argue with the high cost of not finishing college.

You’ve made the hard decision to sacrifice time and energy towards the pursuit of a different and better future. You’ve decided that college is worth it.

So now’s the time to move forward with finishing your degree. Along with the essential checklist, here’s an “Action Plan” to help propel you into your future.

  • Set a schedule that includes only the most important life, work and school priorities. Remember that you can’t do everything and you can’t please all the people all the time. Focus on your number one goal of finishing college.
  • Become an active, self-directed learner so you excel in your classes.
  • Develop effective study habits like using flash cards and memory builders.
  • Master test taking by practicing relaxation and engagement techniques.
  • Institute a no-excuses, self-care routine that includes eating right, exercising and sleeping well so you can help avoid academic fatigue.
  • Make connections with other students and adult learners so you won’t feel alone—or fall behind.
  • If and when the going gets tough, what with juggling school, work and family responsibilities, focus on your long-term goals, such as a career change, job advancement or higher pay and better benefits.

Remember, you can always get more back to school tips on Franklin University’s Back to College blog. If you'd like to talk with an academic advisor, they'd like to talk with you too. Get in touch with one here for an informal conversation about your options.

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