b'Phil Fankhauser (68)Phil Fankhauser is the co-founder and principal of EPCON Communities and EPCON Communities Franchising. Since 1986, EPCON has been a developer of communities designed for the age 55+ market. With a home office in Columbus, Ohio, and regional offices in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina, EPCON is recognized nationally as a top builder of age-targeted properties. The franchise business includes franchised builders in over 20 states. Phil has over 45 years of experience in real estate development and construction and serves as a member of the Urban Land Institutes Lifestyle Residential Development Council. As a means of giving back his time and expertise, Phil currently serves on the Franklin University Board of Trustees, serving on the Communications and Advancement Committee as well as the Infrastructure Committee.A generous donor to the University, in 2019, Phil recognized in the workforce a sales and entrepreneurial spirit in others, and planned for a five-year annual pledge of $100,000 toward the purpose of creating sales-focused education at Franklin. As part of his pledge, the University will utilize the funding to establish a three-part Fankhauser Sales Speaker series, the Fankhauser Executive in Residence program, a scholarship, and conduct a feasibility study to help guide decision-making in pursuit of offering a degreed program(s) in sales or sales management, with the unique distinction of focusing on the emotional Phil Fankhausers most recentcomponent of sales.contribution to Franklin will benefit working professionals and organizations by providing avenuesLearn more about Phil in the November to grow and develop sales skills.Alumni Podcast: https://bit.ly/2Qi76RH.Clocktower | Time, Talent and Tithing: The Power of Giving 11'