b'ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT:TIM MEIXNER A Matter ofTim Meixner splits his time betweenWhile both organizations benefit from the C-level suites at Wright PattersonTims ability to influence change, MSD Perspective Air Force Base and the halls of Daytonshas experienced incredible growth. largest, private nonprofit, MontessoriWith their own children enrolled in the school. While the environments differ, heschool and a strong desire to establish approaches both with a focus on how toroots in Dayton, Tim and his wife Toby improve operations to deliver services.were tapped to lead the school in 2008. To change the things aroundIn the 10 years that followed, the school you, its helpful to consider anAs chief of the Air Force Sustainmenthas more than doubled its enrollment, alternative point of view. Doctor Center (AFSC) Information Technologytransitioned to a true nonprofit, acquired of Business AdministrationOffice, Tim creates IT strategy andand improved its facility, and increased graduate Tim Meixner is using business processes to support thethe services they are able to provide. his degree to transformAFSC mission. As the president of the Montessori School of Dayton (MSD), hisIts been a journey of love government and education.responsibilities include human resources,and a commitment to education. finance and IT, as well as providingIts a community asset with a staff direction to help the school achieve itsthat is devoted to the school and mission and goals.its students.In the government, itsabout transformation and how to incorporate diversity of thought. At MSD, the focus is on creating a supportive environment. My DBA enables me to examine complex ideas, bring in different sources and present a fact-based alternative view. An alternative view doesnt always change the course, but it gives people pause.Clocktower | Alumni Spotlight19'