b'Center for Career Development staff: Cyndi Freeman (left), Tim Goetz (06 and 08) (center), and Sarah Lathrop (00 and05) (right).Whether you graduated last term or 20 years ago, Franklins Center for Career Development is available to assist you with taking the next steps in CENTER your professional journey. The Center offers a wide array of services to meet the diverse needs of our students and alumni in todays dynamic workforce.FOR The Center for Career Development team has been hard at work, launching new initiatives and CAREER welcoming new staff to engage and support you. The goal of the teams hard work is to ensure that you have access to resources and services to inform DEVELOPMENT and enhance your career pathways.Career development and planning exists in order to help you achieve your career aspirations. The Center aims to assist students and alumni in making decisions about careers based on career readiness. Offering assistance with self-assessment, rsums, cover letters, job searches and interviewing; the office seeks to strengthen its ability to assist you by adding more resources and services.Contact the team at 614.947.6138or via email at careerdev@franklin.edu.22 Clocktower | Center for Career Development'