b'ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: SOMERS MARTIN Degreesof ServiceSomers Martin has a love for helping others. While she draws on her bachelors in Business Management and a masters in Human Services Management, throwing in a little bit of kindness goes a long way.From a young age, Somers Martin was taught that education was the key to success, but it wasnt until she was in her early 20s that she really embraced the idea. However, once she decided to pursue her degree she did it relentlessly. Going straight from her undergraduate program at Franklin to joining the charter class of the M.S. in Human Services Management. Completing the degree put Somers on a path to help other people. Irrespective of where she found herselfstate government, consulting, community service or the Columbus Chamberit allowed her to use her skills to improve the quality of life for others. Currently, Somers is the director of sales for the Professional Work Study program at Cristo Rey Columbus, a Catholic college-preparatory school that enrolls 400 students. Through a job-sharing program with local businesses, students work five days per month to cover their educational expenses. Somers engages businesses as potential employers, exposes them to the school and its missionand even introduces them to students. While thats the job description, Somers believes shes at Cristo Rey to do more. Its not unusual to find her interacting with students on a daily basislistening to concerns, offering advice or even challenging assumptions.If somebody has crossed mypath, they dont have to remembermy name. They only have to rememberI was someone who helped them,whether it was to answer a question, to navigate a process, or to figureout the next step. Clocktower | Alumni Spotlight 21'