b'ALUMNI GREETINGThe Office of Community Relations staff: Sherry Mercurio (left) MCM 05 and Aaron Cassady B.S. Business Administration 14 (right).Some say fateIn 2001, I applied to Franklin Universitys M.S. Marketing & Communication program to advance my career. By the time I graduated, I gained a level of proficiency in my field that exceeded my has a hand in theown expectations, but there was more. I acquired friendships, professional networks, and a sense of accomplishment and pride. Franklin University gave me opportunity, confidence and a desirepath we take into give back. For more than 14 years Ive had the honor to help promote our innovative academic programs, our faculty and staff, and many of the more than 45,000 alumni who have made life. For me, fatetheir mark on the world.and an incredibleIn 2018, I became the executive director of the Office of Community Relations, overseeing our educationalalumni engagement. Ive had the honor to meet with incredible alumni who run successful corporations and nonprofits, and many who have overcome challenging life circumstances to reach experience shapedtheir educational goals. After each meeting, a common thread emerges: Franklin made it possible!my course. As an alumna, I take great pride in the accomplishments of other Franklin alumni. My greatest pride, however, came this past fall when the University, after decreasing undergraduate tuition by 24% and freezing graduate tuition, increased scholarship awards by 10% over the previous year. This impactful result was achieved because our alumni make it possible. I thank you for your willingness to give back and help others succeed in the wake of your own success.I hope that you stay involved with the University through our monthly e-newsletter, events and podcast series, as well as on social media. In the meantime, keep sharing your stories and updates with our office. We love hearing from you! Sherry MercurioExecutive Director, Office of Community Relations4 Clocktower | Alumni Greeting'