b'As we reflect on our history, we lookPlease accept our challenge! back on the year 1902, and remember those students, working adults, whoVisit franklin.edu/1902. There is no fee to were searching for a way to balanceprocess your donation and all proceeds family and career commitments withwill be applied to the Make it Possible the opportunity to earn a degree. Thosescholarship fund.students found that opportunity through Franklin University. The Make It Possible Fund gives you, as a graduate of Franklin University, the Fast forward 118 years, and Franklin isunique opportunity to pay it forward to still making it possible for the broadestthose who will come after you. community of learners to complete their degrees while balancing career andYour donation goes directly toward family responsibilities.helping students who have a financially challenging situation. This gift could be To help extend the opportunity to earnused to help with the purchase of a book, a degree to even more learners, Franklinfees, or any other education-related University reduced its undergraduateneed for a student who might need that tuition and froze its masters and doctorallittle extra boost to realize the dream of tuition rates for the 2019-20 academicfinishing their degree.year. The 1902 Campaign, enables donors to help students maximize tuitionAre you up for the challenge? Join us dollars.today and help Make It Possible for others to achieve the dream of a college Participating is easy and the benefitsdegree!are life changing!#1902StrongWe are challenging 1,902 Franklin#FranklinMakesItPossibleUniversity alumni to commit to a monthly recurring donation of $19.02. If 1,902 alumni stand with us and show their support through a recurring gift of $19.02, less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, an average Uber fare, or one tank of gas, current Franklin students can achieve their dream of earning a degree.Clocktower | 1902 Campaign 15'