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Unemployed? It May Be Time to Go Back to School

Unemployment stinks.

Oh, sure, it’s fun for a little while. Staying up late into the wee hours. Channel surfing infomercials. Playing video games. Reading the latest bestseller.

But day after day, week after week or month after month of lackluster job opportunities, unproductive interviews and dwindling bank accounts? Not so fun.

It’s time for change.

Life change.

Radical life change.

It’s very likely time to go back to school.

If you’re unemployed and reading this, here’s a checklist to help you figure out how to find a rewarding career faster.

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Have you been unemployed longer than you thought you’d be or fed up with being unemployed?

Long periods of unemployment are bound to have an affect not just on finances but on your emotions. Instead of fretting about your unemployment situation, use it to spur you to action. One example is to find education and training assistance  opportunities just for unemployed workers. One to try?

Were you unhappy in your previous job?

As hard as it is to be downsized from a job, sometimes an unexpected or unwanted job change can turn into a positive. Being forced to make a change is never pleasant, but the end result most certainly can be. Figure out what made you unhappy in your old job. Was it the hours? Pay? Style of leadership? Then make a list of things you want (and deserve) in your next job. What jobs offer the things that are most important to you? Which degree program can help you get there?

Have you exhausted pretty much all your job-hunting resources?

If you’ve networked unsuccessfully with everyone from your hair stylist to your neighbor’s best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s ex, it’s time for a new source of job leads. When you’re enrolled in a college or university, you’ll automatically have access to a new and untapped career resource: alumni. Career development centers can help connect you with working graduates who are in need of talent like yours.

Are you ready for a new challenge like finishing your college degree?

If so, now’s your chance. Unburdened by the demands of a daily 9-to-5, you can pour your time and energy into your college coursework. Here’s how to position yourself for success.

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, congratulations! You’re on your way to taking back control of your life—and your career.

Still need help? Learn how to recession-proof your career.

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