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Best Jobs for Moms: 5 Family-Friendly Careers to Consider

According to the Census Bureau, working mothers make up a significant portion of the workforce, accounting for nearly one-third (32%) of all employed women. 

Going back to work is both an opportunity and challenge many moms face. 

“As a mom, you have a lot on your shoulders. Going back to work isn’t easy. But as a mom myself, I also know we’re also used to rising to the challenge and balancing responsibilities. You have to remember to take time for yourself and make your goals a priority. So if you want to return to the workforce or further your education, I say go for it. Think about where you want to be in the future and make a plan to get there.”

- Rachel Dunphy, Executive Director of Admissions at Franklin University

You can start making that plan right here. If you’re a mom looking to go back to work, but unsure what work will “work” for you, here’s our helpful guide to finding the right career. 

5 Rewarding Careers That Are Ideal For New Moms

As a mom, there are many different reasons and motivations for returning to work or starting a new career. From stable income to high job satisfaction, there are many professions proven to be a great fit for working moms.

If you’re looking for your next professional opportunity, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best jobs for working moms.


Best job for moms who are natural caregivers, multitaskers and want variety in their day-to-day job. 

Many of the things that make great nurses—like listening, problem solving and teamwork skills—are also qualities of a great mom.

Mom-Friendly Job Perks:

  • Nurses typically work three days per week.
  • Very flexible schedule with the ability to determine your schedule, pick up additional shifts or switch shifts if needed.
  • Highly in-demand career with expected job growth of 7% by 2029 (BLS).

Median Salary (BLS): $73,300 per year

Education & Credentials: A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the preferred education background for a Registered Nurse. If you already have an RN, but want to complete your BSN to improve your job and salary outlook, an Online RN to BSN program is a great choice.


Best job for moms who want to inspire the next generation of learners, while also benefiting from being on a similar schedule to their children. 

While the job of a teacher isn’t easy, it’s also seen as one of the most rewarding jobs you can have. 

Mom-Friendly Job Perks:

  • Minimize additional childcare needs by working the same hours that your kids are in school, plus get summers off.
  • Most public school teachers are members of a union, which helps negotiate benefits on their behalf.
  • The majority of public school teachers receive a pension, which guarantees a certain level of returns in retirement.
  • Steady job growth, expected at 4% (BLS), as well as increasing job opportunities brought on by teachers close to retirement.

Median Salary for Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers (BLS): $59,420 per year

Education & Credentials: A Bachelor’s Degree (which doesn’t have to be a specific area of study), completion of a teaching preparation program and passing a licensure exam.


When it comes to paying for school, grants are among your best options. But do you know how to find them? Remove the guesswork by downloading this free guide.


Web Developer

Best job for moms who are tech-savvy, detail oriented and want a flexible career path with huge growth opportunities. 

Web developers require highly-technical knowledge that is most easily gained through formal education—but the future is bright for moms who dedicate the time to learn this in-demand skill set. 

Mom-Friendly Job Perks:

  • Extreme employment flexibility—you can choose to work for a full-time employer, work on a part-time contract basis or even start your own business.
  • You’re able to work remotely because all work can be completed from wherever you have a computer and WiFi. This is great for when kids are sick or childcare falls through. Plus, more and more employers are making full-time remote work available.
  • There’s a lot of job security, as these careers expect 8% job growth in the next 10 years (BLS)—much faster than average for other jobs.

Median Salary (BLS): $73,760 per year

Education & Credentials: A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is highly-beneficial to both your technical skill set, as well as highly-sought-after soft skills.

Human Resource Specialist

Best job for moms who are extroverts, strong communicators and want a reliable schedule. 

Working in Human Resources, you may be responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and benefits, as well as act as the mediator between employees and employers.

Mom-Friendly Job Perks:

  • Predictable schedule with little to no overtime, weekend or holiday work.
  • Skillset aligns with those you practice daily as a mom, including empathy, conflict resolution and teamwork.
  • Wide variety of job opportunities, with 7% job growth expected (BLS) and job opportunities in all major industries.

Median Salary (BLS): $61,920 per year

Education & Credentials: A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management will prepare you with the functional knowledge needed to succeed in this career field.


Best job for moms who are creative, collaborative and want the flexibility to work from home or for themselves. 

Copywriting is one of the most popular and sought-after freelance specialties, making it easy to create your own schedule if you don’t want to work full-time for a single employer.

Mom-Friendly Job Perks:

  • A wide variety of writing assignments—from advertising copy to long-form blog posts and everything in between—make copywriting anything but mundane.
  • Remote work is the new normal, allowing you to work from home part time or full time.
  • Job opportunities in thriving industries, like technology, marketing, finance and healthcare.

Median Salary (BLS): $63,200 per year

Education & Credentials: A bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications can help you hone your creative, persuasive and digital writing skills.

Mom-Friendly Benefits: What to Look for When Returning to Work

There are many considerations for moms who are going back to work. Finding the right job, employer and benefits to meet the needs of your family can feel a little overwhelming. 

Here are 6 of the top benefits you should look for as a mom and how the right job offer can make it easier for you to return to work.

  • Flexible Schedules: If anything, being a mom is unpredictable. You never know when you will need to pick up your child from school unexpectedly. You may need to leave early for parent teacher conferences or a sports practice. Make sure you know up front how flexible your employer is willing to be when it comes to your work schedule—it can make a huge difference in your job satisfaction down the line.
  • Remote Work Options: While working remotely isn’t possible for every job, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted many workplaces online. If working remotely is a long-term goal for you, make sure you look at career paths and companies who are looking to make remote the new norm, not just a temporary fix. 
  • Healthcare, Vision, and Dental: Most companies offer some form of healthcare coverage. However, there is a wide range in the type of coverage and how much of the premium cost comes out of your pocket. Make sure you understand how a company’s healthcare impacts your paycheck and everyday costs—like going to the doctor or getting a prescription filled—as well as big ticket items like braces. 
  • Generous PTO Policies: Ten days of paid time off (PTO) is considered average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, some companies go as far as offering unlimited PTO. One of the most important aspects to understand is what constitutes PTO—does it include sick time, personal time and vacation time? Will you have to use your PTO any time your child is sick or has an appointment? If so, the more generous the PTO policy, the better.
  • Growth & Development Opportunities: There are many employers who will offer on-the-job skills training, underwrite continuing education or even help you reduce the cost of tuition for a new degree. If you have specific skills or education goals, make sure you keep those in mind when considering benefits packages.
  • Childcare Perks: Some employers go above and beyond to help moms balance their career and home life. Look for perks like onsite childcare, childcare reimbursement, or flexible spending accounts for dependent care that can help reduce the costs of childcare.

5 Tips for Moms Who Are Thinking About Going Back to Work

Going back to work is a big step. It can certainly feel overwhelming or confusing. These tips can help you get mentally and logistically prepared to kickstart your career.

  • Think long term: Where do you want your career to go in the future? Going back to work may feel like an immediate task, but make sure you map out your desired career path. Whether that’s permanently working part-time, transitioning to full-time as your kids age or going back to school to get the degree you need for long-term career success.
  • Do your research and make a plan: Making a career move is a big deal for anyone, but especially for moms. Make a list of necessities for your next job—which could be salary, benefits or even workplace culture. Know what education or credentials are required to qualify for the job you want. Once you have all of this listed out, research jobs, companies or colleges that meet your requirements.
  • Emphasize your education: If you don’t have your bachelor’s degree, now may be a good time to explore online degree options. Over the course of your lifetime, bachelor’s degree holders earn 84% more than people with high school diplomas. Getting your degree online can provide a flexible way to level up your education, preparing you for better long-term career prospects.
  • Don’t feel guilty prioritizing yourself: As a mom, you may be used to your needs taking a back seat. Remember, if you’re more fulfilled professionally, that can translate to your personal life as well.
  • Find a support system: As a mom, it can feel like everyone depends on you. It’s important to find people you can rely on as well. Make sure you have a practical and emotional support system who can help you reach your goals.

Get Ahead with an Online Degree

Investing in your education can be a great way to help you reenter the workforce, change your career or improve your job and salary prospects. As a mom, a flexible online program designed for busy adults can help you achieve your goals.

At Franklin University, we work one-on-one to provide personalized admission and academic advising. We will help you navigate the application process, degree options and online classes, so you feel confident and prepared to complete your degree.

Explore our online bachelor’s degree options to see how our programs can help you prepare for the best jobs for moms. 

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