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Online Colleges & Degrees in Toledo: Your Guide To Choosing The Best Schools

Toledo is experiencing a resurgence as new companies, investments and jobs are entering the region. Toledo offers a multitude of career opportunities across thriving industries, including: research, design, manufacturing, technology and healthcare. Top employers like Mercy Health, GM, Owens Corning and First Solar are looking for highly-skilled and educated employees to fuel business growth.

Due to this advancement, many working adults in Toledo are looking to level up their skills for the next chapter in their careers. It’s no wonder that Toledo is also seeing an increase in online degree completions as a result. In Toledo, degree completions from distance-offered programs grew by 108.2% between 2012 and 2018, while non-distance programs experienced a decline of 14.3%. 

If you’re a working professional in Toledo that wants to improve your short- and long-term career prospects, getting an online degree could be your next move. Here’s how to find the best online colleges and degrees when you live in Toledo, Ohio.

3 Popular Online Degrees for In-Demand Careers in Toledo

Going back to school is a big commitment. You want to make sure that the degree you get provides a strong return on investment. To do so, look for top online degrees that correlate to the largest and fastest growing careers in Toledo.

  1. Online B.S in Marketing to Become a Market Research Analyst or Marketing Specialist

    Getting your bachelor’s in marketing can help you land a promising career in today’s data-driven marketing landscape. In Toledo, top sought after skills, according to job posting data, include digital marketing, new product development and market research. The right online marketing degree will help you harness the analytical and creative skills you need to meet that demand.

    Median Salary in Toledo (EMSI):$54,856
    Anticipated Job Growth in Toledo (By 2030): 11%
  2. Online Master’s in Nursing, FNP to Become a Nurse Practitioner

    A shortage of doctors is expected in many parts of the country, making Nurse Practitioners an increasingly valuable asset to the healthcare industry. This high-growth and high-paying career also requires intensive training and education. Getting your master’s in nursing online is a great way to balance your current nursing career with your aspirations of joining the top ranks of this growing profession in Toledo. 

    Median Salary (EMSI): $107,199
    Anticipated Job Growth in Toledo (By 2030): 24%
  3. Online Master of Business Administration to Become a Financial Manager

    In Toledo, 26% of degree completions in 2018 in business administration and management were at the master’s level, showing the desire for professionals who are ready to lead. One of the top areas of opportunity in Toledo is finance, where qualified managers can earn over six figures. An MBA is a great way to earn leadership and cross-functional skills that prepare you for top financial positions in many organizations.

    Median Salary (EMSI): $109,911
    Anticipated Job Growth in Toledo (By 2030): 13%


3 Qualities To Determine The Best Online College in Toledo

There are endless options for online education—from local Toledo colleges to national online universities. But how can you tell the best from the rest? And even more importantly, how do you know which online colleges are built to help you succeed?


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If you’re a working adult looking to continue your education, look for these hallmarks of great online colleges and degrees.

High-Quality and Respected Online Degree Programs 

It may seem obvious, but an online college is only as strong as its degree programs. The tough part is knowing the telltale signs of a quality online degree. Here’s what you should look for. 

  • Regional accreditation as an institution, and individual programs that are also accredited.
  • Strong industry reputation and established connections with employers and professional organizations.
  • High graduation rates and number of degree completions, which indicate successful student outcomes. 

Franklin University is a regionally-accredited nonprofit institution that has employer partnerships spanning top companies across major industries in Ohio. 

Online Degrees That Provide Immediate Results and Long-term Value

A degree is a long-term investment in your future. It should pave the way for career advancement, but you don’t want it to take a lifetime to realize the full value of your degree. Here’s what to look for to help ensure your investment pays off.

  • Instructors with in-depth industry experience that can apply theory to real-world challenges you face in your day-to-day job, while opening your eyes to big picture problem solving. 
  • Curriculum developed with input from employers and industry experts, so it maintains its relevance and teaches in-demand skills.
  • A dedication to balancing current technical skills with lifelong soft skills like teamwork, communication and leadership that will always be valued by employers.

Franklin University utilizes programs advisory boards—made up of industry experts who work for top companies—to develop and evolve curriculum to meet industry demand. Coursework is built around using industry tools to gain technical expertise while improving interpersonal skills through critical problem solving.

Online Degrees Designed for the Needs of Working Adults

Online colleges should be inherently more flexible than their campus-only counterparts. However, just because an institution offers degrees online doesn’t mean it’s the best fit. Here’s what an online college needs to offer to meet the demands of busy, working adults.

  • Flexible courses that include regular course start dates and variable course lengths.
  • Interactive and collaborative learning that combines synchronous and asynchronous courses, peer interaction and group projects, and instructor-led courses.
  • Balanced educational approach that spreads out coursework evenly throughout the course, so you know how much time to commit to your studies each week.
  • Transfer credit friendly degree programs that allow you to apply previous educational and professional experience to finish your degree faster
Evaluation CriteriaCompetency-Based Online EducationStudent-Centered Online Education
Flexible CoursesYesYes
Interactive & Collaborative LearningNoYes
Balanced Educational ApproachNoYes
Transfer Credit FriendlySomeYes


Franklin University, on average, starts courses every six weeks and allows students to transfer up to 94 credit hours for bachelor’s degrees, 12 credit hours for master’s degrees, and 24 hours for doctorate degrees.

Best 4-Year Online Colleges and Universities for Toledo Residents

When you’re comparing the online offerings of colleges and universities that serve Toledo residents, there are two primary indicators of leading programs. 

The first indicator is the number of degrees completed each year by students who participate in distance-only education. A higher number of completions typically indicates a larger online offer and greater diversity of degrees.

The second big factor is the percentage of students who are enrolled solely in distance education. A large percentage of students earning their degree online is a sign of specialization in online learning. This focus

Why You Should Choose Franklin University if You Live in Toledo

Why You Should Choose Franklin University if You Live in Toledo
Franklin University’s campus may be located in Columbus, but it serves adults across the country and around the world. Franklin’s specialization in online education makes it an outstanding choice for working adults—regardless of where you live.

Why to choose Franklin University if you’re a working professional in Toledo who wants to get your online degree:

Franklin University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees that are student-centered and emphasize successful outcomes. The number one goal? Provide job-ready skills that will help you further your career—now and into the future.

Explore bachelor’s, master's or doctoral programs to find the right online degree for your career aspirations.

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