Master's Degrees

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Extend your professional value with a master's degree from Franklin, an accredited, student-centered leader in online learning. Here you can you earn your master’s degree online or onsite in as few as 12 months -- with no GRE or GMAT required.
With our online master’s programs, you can enhance your leadership skills, develop an invaluable professional network, examine relevant strategies, learn best practices from real-world practitioners, and translate what you learn to how you lead.

Explore our M.A. and M.S. degrees now and choose your path.

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Complete your master's degree in under two years.

Worry-Free Learning

Always know what's expected -- and when.

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Earn your degree around your schedule.

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Turn theory into practice with real-world assignments.

Finish Faster

Transfer up to 12 master’s-level credits from coursework or certifications.

Master's Degrees

Hear What Our Master's Degree Graduates Are Saying

Tonya P.
Master of Healthcare Administration '21

"Obtaining my master's degree in healthcare administration allows me to expand my horizons and my career."

Nicole E.
MBA '20

“Earning this degree means having so much more confidence in myself! I am eternally grateful to my professors, classmates and my family for the support and guidance that has been given to me.”

Emily M.
M.S. in Business Psychology '21

Completing my master’s degree has provided me the opportunity to show my children that it is possible to accomplish your goals, no matter what.

Oyauma G.

"I learned how to stand out and become the leader I knew I could be."

Matt, B.S. '16 + MBA '18
U.S. Army Veteran

"I started my degree online at Franklin while I was still enlisted. Franklin accepted my previously earned credit and made the transfer process easy."

Nathan, MBA '20

“A dream come true for me! Dreams can come true if you work hard and set your sails toward the goal.”

Christie A.

"Franklin really has prepared me for my career and my future. Franklin taught me how to interact in the business community. The networking side of it really helped prepare me for the working world and beyond. It made me a well rounded person. I really grew as an employee right before my employers eyes just because I was at Franklin."

Derrick Y.
Master of Healthcare Administration '20

Franklin University's Master of Healthcare Administration program fundamentally taught me about myself. This program has helped prepare me to become the best healthcare professional possible and helped me become a continuous and lifelong learner.

Mahlet B.
M.S. Computer Science '20

Receiving my degree from Franklin University means a lot to me. I was always taught that education is a path to reach ones' destiny, create a cultivated mind and enable growth personally and professionally.

Angela B.
M.S. Human Resource Management '20

I'm overjoyed. In just a short time, I was able to transition from my previous job, to a career in HR. Make a plan and turn it into reality.

Alexandra D.
Master of Healthcare Administration '21

"This accomplishment gives me the ability to have a greater impact and give back to healthcare in our community."