Franklin University Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships create the ultimate win-win situation. Whether you’re at an organization seeking to combat frequent turnover and increase employee engagement or a student looking to deepen your learning and jump-start your career, an apprenticeship helps you achieve your goals.

Unlike internships, which are limited to one course, apprenticeships span nine courses so they translate well to a part-time or full-time job that complements the length of the degree program.

Information for Students

Build Your Expertise in the Classroom and on the Job

Maintain full-time employment while you complete you bachelor’s degree through Franklin’s Apprenticeship Program. Currently aligned degree programs include the B.S. in Cybersecurity and the B.S. in Information Technology. Recently approved by the state of Ohio and the U.S. Department of Labor, this opportunity lays the foundation for a career in a rewarding and fast-growing field.

  • Complete your B.S. Cybersecurity or B.S. in Information Technology at Franklin University while working in the apprenticeship.
  • Transfer in prior coursework to complete your degree faster. 
  • Complete nine courses in your major while getting your degree and tailor your coursework to meet your needs and interests.
  • Earn regular pay increases as coursework and associated competencies are completed, as specified by the employer.
  • Take advantage of additional funding toward the cost of tuition through employee tuition reimbursement or government funding from the Workforce Opportunity and Investment Act (WOIA) – if you are eligible 
  • Earn a nationally recognized apprenticeship credential from the U.S. Department of Labor

Information for Employers

Fill Open Positions or Develop Current Employees

The struggle to attract, grow and retain talent is real. Through Franklin’s Apprenticeship Program, a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) by the U.S. Department of Labor, your organization can fill vital positions or provide development opportunities for existing employees in information technology and cybersecurity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are master’s students eligible to participate in Franklin’s Apprenticeship Program?
Let us know that this is an interest and we will explore getting a graduate degree apprenticeship approved, if we have additional students to consider.

When is the ideal time to start the apprenticeship?
It depends on the employer and the job. In some cases, you cannot start employment until you have some education underway. This does not mean that you cannot start if the employer is satisfied with your current education level and future goals. In some cases, students can start even when they are in the last stages of their degree.  

Do I get college credit for the apprenticeship?
You get credit for the nine aligned courses that are required for the degree you are seeking. There are no additional credits for the apprenticeship. 

Can international students participate in the apprenticeship? 
It depends. If you are eligible for hire in the United States, then you can participate in the apprenticeship program but this is up to the employer to determine.  

How do I get started in Franklin’s Apprenticeship Program?

  1. Apply to the Apprenticeship Program 
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development for help with your résumé or your job search.
  3. Apply for multiple aligned jobs. Keep us updated on your progress.

Do you have a list of employers willing to hire apprentices?
Yes, we have a growing list of employers that can be found here. You are also welcome to seek out aligned jobs with other organizations.