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Expand your thinking with a master's in business psychology degree

At its core, business is a people-oriented enterprise. Not only are new products and services a result of human effort, so too, is the ability to understand and influence consumer behavior. Behind most successful businesses are skilled leaders who connect what humans want with what business does. Franklin’s M.S. in Business Psychology degree program equips you to motivate behavior, resolve demanding managerial issues and leverage the latest psychological and neuroscience research for on-the-job success.

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Learn how to apply psychological principles to improve business performance.

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Finish your master's in business psychology faster.

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Learn business strategy combined with the latest psychological research.

Master's in Business Psychology Program Overview

Apply new insights into human behavior to solve business problems

Business is a very human enterprise. Not only are innovative products and services a result of human ingenuity, but influencing human behavior is also key to every other part of a business’ success — including making the sale. That’s why behind most successful businesses are skilled and compassionate individuals. Leaders who possess an understanding of human behavior as well as knowledge of business principles, and the know-how to leverage them into workplace success.

The M.S. in Business Psychology from Franklin University integrates the latest psychological and neuroscience research, equipping you to motivate behavior and resolve demanding managerial issues. You will cover traditional business and psychology disciplines in non-traditional ways, focusing more on the qualitative and human aspects of marketing, economics, finance, management, and human resources. And with business psychology jobs projected to grow 8% by 2031*, you’ll be well positioned to advance your career upon graduation.

Finish your online business psychology master's degree in as few as 14 months

You will reap the rewards of your degree in as few as 14 months with the real-world expertise of Franklin’s highly qualified instructors to help guide you. And, if you qualify, GMAT and GRE requirements may be waived, allowing you to begin your program of study immediately, without a long-preparation cycle. 

Gain a theoretical foundation that translates into practical innovation

The online Master's in Business Psychology program's fusion of business and positive psychology exposes you to trending fields such as NeuroFinance and NeuroMarketing, which measures consumer response to marketing stimuli in order to better understand why and how they make decisions and what parts of the brain are active when they do.  As you move through your coursework, you will enhance your understanding of human behavior by gaining a solid theoretical foundation you can practically apply and use to solve business problems.

You'll learn to assess an organization's business intelligence, evaluate psychological assessments for use in leadership and organization development, create behaviorally based measures of economic performance, apply psychological principles to new product marketing, design processes to stimulate innovation, and more.

Advance your career by learning from the experts

Today's employers are looking for psychologically informed professionals with both business skills and management abilities that effectively cut across business units and silos. Job titles for such professionals include: Business Consultant, Business Psychologist, Coaching Program Administrator, Employee Selection and Placement Administrator, Organizational Consultant, Training and Development Manager, Management Consultant, and Program Development Manager.

Our M.S. in Business Psychology Advisory Board features leading practitioners to help ensure that our curriculum meets high professional standards that align with employer needs, improving your employability upon graduation. 

Earn your degree from a university built for busy adults

Earn your degree on your terms by taking classes 100% online. Accredited and nonprofit, Franklin was built from the ground-up to satisfy the needs of adult learners. Our seamless transfer process and team of academic advisors will help ease your transition to becoming a student, while our flexible course schedules help to balance your education with work, family, and life. Get started on your future today.

*Source information provided by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI)

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Rhiannon G.

M.S. in Business Psychology Student

"I chose this program over the variety of I/O psychology programs because I wanted courses that I could apply to the work I already do, but I had not expected such a quick pay-off. This program is changing how I work for the better and I am not yet halfway through."

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Fall 2023
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97% of graduating students would recommend Franklin to their family, friends and/or colleagues.

Source: Franklin University, Office of Career Development Student Satisfaction Survey (Fall 2021)


M.S. in Business Psychology Courses & Curriculum

36 Semester Hours
Major Area Required
PSYC 601 - Introduction to Business Psychology (4)

A brief history and overview of the fields of business and psychology as well as a discussion of the issues and opportunities related to their integration. Topics include brain organization and dominance, neuroethics, neurolinguistic programming, multiminds, mindmapping and the application of positive psychology to work settings. Includes the application of recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and neuroscience to resolve contemporary issues in the workplace.

PSYC 602 - Individual & Organizational Intelligence (4)

This course focuses on the application of systems theory, social psychology concepts, organizational lifecycles, and biological principles to the understanding of business operations. Includes a review of basic business principles, multiple intelligences, organizational intelligence, organizational culture, emotional intelligence, biomimicry and organizational DNA.

PSYC 603 - Managerial Psychology (4)

This course will explore the psychological influences on the development and behavior of managers and organizational leaders. Topics include: follower influences, nature vs. nurture in the development of leaders, relationship of personality to leadership style, behavioral decision- making biases, tactical, operational, and strategic decision-making , group think, and scenario planning.

PSYC 604 - Behavioral Economics and Neurofinance (4)

An inquiry into how brain structures limit or reinforce economic and financial decision making. Topics include: basic principles of behavioral economics, measures of economic and financial performance, logical and non-linear decision-making, human factors in finance, and essential financial analysis.

PSYC 605 - Psychology of Marketing (4)

This course provides an exploration of the use of behavioral science techniques to influence product and service creation, pricing, promotion and distribution channels. Includes a discussion on the use of functional magnetic resonance studies, psychological persuasion, subliminal cues, lie detection, and consumer color choice.

PSYC 606 - Psychology of Human Resources (4)

This course provides an investigation into the use of psychology in the acquisition of organizational talent, the retention and development of individual talent, and the selective departure of talent. Areas of interest include: applicant testing, the organizational impact of generational differences, individual and group motivation, coping with organizational stressors, the psychology of individual and group performance, and succession planning.

PSYC 607 - Psychology of Creativity, Innovation And Change (4)

This course provides a study of the relationship between creativity, innovation and change from a psychological perspective. Areas of interest include: social-technical change waves, change facilitation, unintended consequences, Appreciative Inquiry, creativity enhancement, and diffusion of innovation.

PSYC 608 - Psychology of Organizational Coaching (4)

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the discipline of executive and organizational coaching from a psychological viewpoint. The focus will be on the practical use of the principles of psychology over the lifecycle of a typical coaching assignment. Topics to be covered include: optimal practitioner characteristics, coach selection, psychology-based approaches to coaching, coaching tools, coaching interventions and resources. Additional emphasis will be placed on techniques for dealing with organizationally dysfunctional individuals.

PSYC 609 - Business Psychology Mastery Demonstration (4)

The intent of this course is to integrate course learning into a personal and organizationally useful synthesis. It is designed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate mastery of the Business Psychology program's overall learning outcomes. Working with an assigned instructor, students will self-select a major project that can be completed during the duration of the course.


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Master's in Business Psychology Program Details

Hear What Our Business Psychology Students Are Saying

Rhiannon G.
M.S. in Business Psychology '21

"I chose this program over the variety of I/O psychology programs because I wanted courses that I could apply to the work I already do, but I had not expected such a quick pay-off. This program is changing how I work for the better and I am not yet halfway through."

Marcella H.
M.S. in Business Psychology '21

"This master's degree has opened doors for me in the world of business! I look forward to the opportunities in the future."

Emily M.
M.S. in Business Psychology '21

"Completing my master’s degree has provided me the opportunity to show my children that it is possible to accomplish your goals, no matter what."

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Business Psychology Employment Outlook


From 2021-2031 jobs in Business Psychology are expected to increase by 10%

All Occupations

969,161 jobs
1,043,491 jobs

Source information provided by Lightcast.

Business Psychology Knowledge & Skillsets

Gain in-demand skills sought by employers with curriculum that teaches you:

M.S. in Business Psychology or MBA with a Business Psychology Specialization?

Find the Masters Program That Fits Your Goals

If you’re interested advancing your business career, Franklin has several great options. The best fit for you depends on your interests and goals. Compare programs and identify your perfect match.

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M.S. in Business Psychology
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MBA Business Psychology Specialization

Take a qualitative approach to advanced business concepts by applying neuroscience and psychology research. 
Leverage psychology and neuroscience to motivate behavior and resolve workplace challenges.
Use your M.S. in Business Psychology to bring out the best in individuals and teams.
How many courses are in the program?
Nine 6-week courses

How quickly can I complete the program?
14 months

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Take a quantitative approach to advanced business concepts with a qualitative approach to leadership and organizational development.
Build your leadership skills based on psychological principles.
Use your MBA-Business Psychology to better understand how to work with others and lead teams.
How many courses are in the program?
Nine 6-week courses
How quickly can I complete the program?
12 months

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