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Thriving businesses need smart, savvy leaders to maximize both their productivity and their people. With an online business & leadership degree from Franklin, you'll develop the crucial skills needed to envision and implement ideas and strategies, as well as inspire others. Good leaders know how to guide and support organizations through every stage of business, and an online degree in business & leadership can teach you how to do just that. Franklin offers many IACBE-accredited business & leadership degree programs, so you can maximize your potential while helping organizations do the same.

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Hear What Our Business Graduates Are Saying

Chris R.
B.S. Human Resource Management

"Having this education from Franklin has really allowed me to be the successful, professional I am today and without it, I would not be where I am today for sure."

Alexandra R.
B.S. Business Administration '20

“I feel like I now have the tools to being successful in everything that I do.”

Kevin S.
B.S. Human Resources Management '16

"It was important for me to feel supported during my education. The 3+1 transfer program exceeded by expectations."

Oyauma G.

"I learned how to stand out and become the leader I knew I could be."

Sarah D.
B.S. Business Administration '20

“This accomplishment means everything to me. Being a single mom, working full time, and going to school definitely required a lot of faith, strength and dedication - but I did it!”

Andrea M.
B.S. Human Resources Management '20

“Receiving my degree is one of the happiest moments of my life, as it solidifies the hard work and time dedicated to achieving this throughout these years. I now look forward to the future and opportunities ahead of me.”

Nicole E.
MBA '20

“Earning this degree means having so much more confidence in myself! I am eternally grateful to my professors, classmates and my family for the support and guidance that has been given to me.”

Kennedy F.
B.S. Business Administration '21

"Thank you, Franklin University for providing me with the education to accomplish my goals and further my career!"

Kendra B.
B.S. Business Administration '21

"I am extremely proud of my academic accomplishment that I achieved while working full time."

Christie A.

"Franklin really has prepared me for my career and my future. Franklin taught me how to interact in the business community. The networking side of it really helped prepare me for the working world and beyond. It made me a well rounded person. I really grew as an employee right before my employers eyes just because I was at Franklin."

Kathy H.
B.S. Business Administration '21

"Professionally, this accomplishment will prepare me for new adventures and challenges with better knowledge to excel in my field. Thank you, Franklin faculty and staff."

Ashlee W.
B.S. Business Administration '21

"I'm excited to advance in my career and continue to make myself and my family proud."

Juan B.
B.S. Business Administration '11

"Franklin taught me how to be a more effective leader. I learned I don't always have to be out in front and in charge to be a leader. Effective leaders identify the strengths of every person to advance the team."