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M.S. - Instructional Design & Learning Technology

Instructional Design Degree Online - Instructional Design Masters Degree Program OverviewProgram DetailsWhy Choose Franklin

Program FAQ

What is instructional design?
Instructional design is the deliberate planning and creation of materials that help people learn. Instructional designers use three major tools to make this happen. First, they use a systematic process for planning, creating, improving, and implementing instruction. Second, they apply research-based instructional theory in their work to ensure that learning will occur. Finally, they use current technologies to create and deliver their instructional materials.

In the Instructional Design & Learning Technology (IDLT) program, we ensure that you are exposed to relevant, effective processes, theories and technologies. You will practice applying your knowledge in a variety of settings and will leave the program well equipped to use these tools effectively.

Who can apply to the IDPT program?
Because the field of IDLT integrates multiple fields and perspectives, anyone with a bachelor’s degree can apply. Your own background and education will give you a unique perspective as you extend your knowledge and abilities, and the diverse student population leads to an enriching educational experience.

How do I know if this degree is a good fit for me?
This degree is designed for aspiring professionals who want to:
• move ahead in their careers
• gain expertise in how to help people learn and perform effectively
• distinguish themselves from their peers as leaders and professionals
• use creativity and critical thinking to solve problems in the workplace
• move into the exciting field of improving employee learning and performance

Why should I earn an IDLT master’s degree?

With an IDLT master’s degree, you will have the knowledge, tools and experience to achieve your goals and move forward in your career. You will learn advanced tools and strategies for approaching and solving issues within your organization. You will also gain knowledge and skills to improve collaboration and leadership.

How is this program different than other master’s programs?
Our program offers a unique blend of research-based theory and practical, real world application. In our challenging courses, you are exposed to powerful theories and models of learning and behavior, and we guide you as you apply what you learn to real world business settings.

Our courses are based on industry standards and are informed by our advisory board of learning and performance industry leaders. Through this rigorous curriculum, you will develop expertise in a unique blend of instructional design and performance improvement processes and will gain foundational knowledge and abilities for leadership in the field.