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Joint Programs of Study

Pursue Your Graduate Degree While
Earning Your Bachelor's

The Joint Programs of Study option affords undergraduate students, who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Franklin University, the opportunity to enroll in graduate coursework that may serve as university elective coursework in meeting the hour requirements for the baccalaureate degree.

Students pursuing this option generally complete both the baccalaureate and master’s degrees in less time and fewer semester hours than pursuing the two degrees consecutively.

Joint Programs of Study

  • Accounting/MBA
  • Applied Psychology/M.S. in Business Psychology
  • Business Administration/MBA
  • Business Administration/M.S. in Business Psychology
  • Business Administration/M.S. in Human Resource Management
  • Business Economics/MBA
  • Business Forensics/MBA
  • Communications/M.S. Marketing & Communication
  • Computer Science/MBA
  • Computer Science/M.S. Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice Administration/MPA
  • Internet Marketing/MBA
  • Internet Marketing/M.S. Marketing & Communication
  • Financial Management/MBA
  • Financial Planning/MBA
  • Forensic Accounting/MBA
  • Healthcare Management/MBA
  • Healthcare Management/MHA
  • Human Resources Management/MBA
  • Human Resources Management/M.S. in Human Resource Management
  • Information Security/MBA
  • Information Technology/MBA
  • Management & Leadership/MBA
  • Management & Leadership/M.S. Marketing & Communication
  • Management Information Sciences/MBA
  • Marketing/MBA
  • Marketing/M.S. Marketing & Communication
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management/MBA
  • Public Administration/MPA
  • Public Relations/M.S. Marketing & Communication
  • Public Safety Management/MPA
  • Emergency Management & Homeland Security/MBA
  • Emergency Management & Homeland Security/MPA
  • Web Development/MBA
  • Web Development/M.S. Marketing & Communication

Acceptance into one of the undergraduate programs of study at Franklin University does not ensure or guarantee acceptance into a Franklin University graduate program. Students must meet the admission requirements of the graduate program and be admitted into a graduate program of study in order to pursue the Joint Programs of Study option.

Each program of study in the graduate program is governed by its respective program criteria and academic standards set forth in the Academic Bulletin. Application for enrollment into a graduate program must be submitted two terms prior to commencing graduate level coursework.

Undergraduate students who are accepted into one of the graduate programs will be concurrently enrolled in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Any graduate course used in the undergraduate area may not be counted if a grade of "C" or less is earned.