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Stephen Bressett

Adjunct Faculty and Doctoral Faculty Advisor



Stephen J. Bressett

Adjunct Professor

I have been teaching at Franklin since 2020

I am very interested in helping students work through dissertation issues and would love to serve on their committee! I only recently completed my doctorate, so I believe I have a lot to offer students who are working through the process currently. I can help by sharing my experience and giving expert advice on organization, editing, time management, and other successful techniques. 

I am interested in ANY topics!!

I am in the Active Duty Air Force and currently stationed in Germany! While this is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow, it offers some complications in timely communication. I am +6 hours from Eastern Standard Time. Below, I am posting a number of ways to reach me directly – and of course, you can always reach me on Canvas. I will return your messages (email, private message, text, etc.) as soon as I can given the time difference and our busy lives.

I can be reached on WhatsApp at: 413-522-2607 or on Signal at: +49 174-890-7857

My preferred email is: stephen.bressett@franklin.edu


Creighton University (Omaha, Nebraska)
Doctor of Education, Interdisciplinary Leadership
US Army Command and General Staff College (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas)
Master of Arts in Military Operation, Advance Military Studies
Air University (Maxwell AFB, Alabama)
Masters of Military Operational Art and Science, Military Operational Art and Science
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Master of Aeronautical Science, Aeronautical Science
Daniel Webster College (Nashua, New Hampshire)
Bachelor of Science, Aviation Flight Operations


Social and Behavioral Research, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, Expiration Date: 2023
B-2 Flight Instructor Course, AFGSC
B-2 Initial Qualification Training, AFGSC
T-38C Pilot Instructor Training, AFGSC
Specialized under graduate Pilot Training, USAF Pilot School
T-6A Pilot Instructor Training, AETC
Air and Space Basic Course, AETC

Work Experience

2020 - 2022
USAF, Joint Global Strike Planner
2020 - Present
Franklin University, Adjunct Faculty and Doctoral Faculty Advisor
2019 - 2020
USAF, Student, School of Advanced Military Studies
2018 - 2019
USAF, Student, Air Command and Staff College
2017 - 2018
USAF, B-2 Evaluator Pilot / Assistant Director of Operations, Montana
2016 - 2017
USAF, B-2 Pilot / T-38 Evaluator Pilot / Chief of Scheduling, Montana
2015 - 2016
USAF, B-2 Pilot / T-38 Evaluator Pilot / Chief of Weapons, Montana
2014 - 2015
USAF, 394th Combat Training Squadron, Montana
2013 - 2014
USAF, Chief of T-38 Training / T-38 Evaluator Pilot, Montana
2011 - 2013
USAF, Flight Commander / T-6 Instructor Pilot, Texas
2010 - 2011
USAF, Executive Officer / T-6 Instructor Pilot, Texas
2009 - 2010
USAF, T-6 Instructor Pilot / Flight Scheduler,, Texas