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Faculty Profiles
Nimet Alpay, PhD
Program Chair, MS Data Analytics Program
Kemal Aydin, Ph.D.
Lead Faculty, Computer Science
Matt Barclay, PhD
Faculty, Instructional Design
Gail Baumlein, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, ANEF
Program Chair, RN to BSN to Chair, Nursing, and Chief Nursing Administrator, CCNE
Daniel Bell, PhD
Program Chair, Interactive Media Design
Patrick Bennett, Ed.D., MBA, PMP
Vice President and Dean of the International Institute for Innovative Instruction
Carol Blaine
Program Chair, Risk Management Insurance
Alyncia Bowen, PhD
Department Chair, Nursing; Program Chair, Doctoral Health Administration; Director of the Global Center for Healthcare Education; Director of Doctoral Studies
Mary Bynum, DHA
Department Chair, Healthcare Programs; Program Chair, Healthcare Management; Lead Faculty, Public Administration
Kim Campbell, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Bruce Campbell, PhD
Program Chair, MBA and Financial Management
Evan Chaloupka, Ph.D., MA
Lead Faculty, English
Lewis Chongwony, PhD
Lead Faculty, Quantitative Methods & Research Design
Chunbo Chu, PhD
Program Chair, Computer Science
Debbie Conner, PhD, MSN, ANP/FNP-BC, FAANP
Program Chair, Family Nurse Practitioner
Iris Cooper, D.B.A.
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Frank Czarny, Ph.D.
Dan Dayton, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
David Falvo, EdD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Barbara Fennema, EdD
Professor Emeritus & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Charles Fenner, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Jeffrey Ferezan, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Ray Forbes Jr. , PhD
Program Chair, Masters of Science in Business Psychology
Denver Fowler, Ed.D.
Program Chair, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership at Franklin University; Department Chair, College of Education – Urbana University
Jesse Fuhrman
Faculty, Instructional Design
Joel Gardner, PhD, CPT
Executive Director & Department Chair, Design Services
Michelle Geiman, PhD
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Brian Gregory, PhD
Program Chair, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management
Nicolette Hamilton, DHA
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Alex Heckman, MPA, PhD
Department Chair and Program Chair, Public Administration
Eboni Hill, DM
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Beth Hoover Ann , DNP, APRN, NP-C
Lead Faculty, Family Nurse Practitioner Program
Niccole Hyatt, PhD
Manager of Client Partnerships
Andy Igonor, PhD
Dean, Ross College of Business; Co-Executive Director, Center for Public Safety & Cybersecurity Education
Chenelle Jones, PhD
Program Chair, Criminal Justice & Public Safety
Brenda Jones, PhD
Department Chair, Communications and Behavioral Sciences & Program Chair, Communications
JoAnn Jordan, Ph.D., MPH
Program Chair, Health Information Management & Health Sciences & Program Chair, MS in Health Informatics
Bilge Karabacak, Ph.D.
Lead Faculty, Cybersecurity
Michael Klingler
Department Chair, Humanities & English as a Second Language
Natalya Koehler, PhD
Faculty, Instructional Design
Jessie Kong, PhD
Faculty, Instructional Design
Kody Kuehnl, PhD
Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, & Technology; Director, STEM
Jenine Larrabee
Lead Faculty, Global Issues & ESL; Director, American Language Center
Ladorian Latin, PhD
Program Chair, BS Mathematics
Lynn Lease, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Leslie Mathew, MD, MS, EMBA
Program Chair, Master of Healthcare Administration & MBA (Healthcare)
Jonathan McCombs, PhD
Dean, College of Health & Public Administration; Co-Executive Director, Center of Public Safety & Cybersecurity Education
Garry McDaniel, EdD
Program Chair, Human Resource Management
David Meckstroth, DHA
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Craig Meredith, EdD
Dean, College of Education
Karen Miner-Romanoff, PhD, JD, MA
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Tami Moser, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
John Nadalin, Psy.D.
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
David Ni, PhD
Faculty, Instructional Design
Roberta Niche
Faculty, Instructional Design
Tayo Olabumuyi, D.Eng.
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Bora Pajo, Ph.D.
Lead Faculty, Qualitative Methods & Research Design
Martina Peng, PhD, MBA
Department Chair, Accounting, Finance & Economics
Debra Petrizzo-Wilkins, DBA
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Bethany Poore, DBA
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Michael Posey, PhD
Program Chair, Public Relations and Social Media Design
Meghan B. Raehll, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence; Lead Faculty, World Religions
Bruce Ramsey, MSC, MBA
Program Chair, Marketing
Blake Renner, EdD
Dean of Students
Kelly Renner, PhD
Program Chair, Applied Psychology and Social Sciences
Timothy Reymann, PhD
Program Chair, Doctor of Business Administration
Bob Rodriguez, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Alan Rogers, DBA, MBA, CPA
Program Chair, Master of Science in Accounting
Doug Ross, PhD
Program Chair, Business Administration
Denise Rucker, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Meir Russ, PhD
Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Charles Saunders Jr. , PhD, MA, MBA, CIA, CCSA, CRMA, CFE, CPA (OH inactive)
Wendell Seaborne, PhD
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dharmendra Singh , PhD
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Beverly Smith, PhD, MBA
Program Chair, Applied Management, Entrepreneurship & Energy Management
Yuerong Sweetland, PhD
Director of Teaching & Learning Assessment
Isidoro Talavera, PhD
Lead Faculty, Philosophy
Mary Kay Taylor
Instructor, Health Information Management
Amiee Wagner
Department Chair, Science and Math
Bradley Watson, PhD
Program Chair, Management Information Systems
Todd Whittaker, M.S.
Department Chair, Computer and Information Sciences; Program Chair, Information Technology; Program Chair, Cybersecurity
JoAnna Williamson, PhD
Department Chair, Management & Marketing; Program Chair, Master of Science in Marketing & Communications
Fawn Winterwood, PhD
Doctoral Faculty Advisor
Rob Wood Jr. , EdD
Faculty, Instructional Design
Yi Yang, PhD
Program Chair, Doctor of Professional Studies in Instructional Design Leadership; Program Chair, Master of Science in Instructional Design and Learning Technology