Faculty Profile

Ray Forbes, PhD

Program Chair, Masters of Science in Business Psychology and Senior Leadership Coach



Dr. Ray Forbes is currently Chair of the Masters Degree Program in Business Psychology within the College of Arts, Sciences and Technology and Senior Leadership Coach at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. A university excellence medallion recipient, he develops, manages and teaches courses in business and applied psychology. A former Associate Dean, Ray has been a full time faculty member since 1993 when he was hired to help begin the MBA program and the Graduate School of Business. A four-time President of the Faculty Senate, he was instrumental in the startup of the MBA coaching program, Executive Coaching specialization, and the university mentoring program. He was instrumental in the startup of the MBA coaching program and the Executive Coaching specialization along with the MBA Life Cycle option. He previously held fulltime faculty positions at Sacred Heart University and the Naval Postgraduate School. Additionally, he has been an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine, New Haven, St. Thomas, and Metropolitan State universities as well as Hartnell College. Ray is also a licensed Psychologist and a certified Master Personal and Executive Coach. He is a founding board member of the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching. Ray has held executive positions at Northwest Airlines and at the Raymark Corporation in the areas of human resources, strategic planning, quality, organization development and leadership development. Additionally, he has had extensive experience as an internal and external consultant in the fields of leadership, management development and strategy. A U. S. Naval Academy graduate and a retired naval officer, his military service was on destroyers and submarines. While on active duty he served for eight years as an internal organization development consultant. His Ph.D. is in Leadership and Human Behavior from the U.S. International University. Ray also holds a masters degree in Human Behavior from U.S.I.U. and an MBA from the University of New Haven. He has also earned a certificate from the Advanced Program in Human Resources and Organization Development at Columbia University and successfully completed the Program for Specialists in Organization Development sponsored by the National Training Laboratories. An avid reader of professional books, he presently lives in Blacklick, Ohio, with his wife, Carolyn, two dogs, and one very tolerant cat.


United States International University (San Diego, California)
Doctor of Philosophy, Leadership and Human Behavior
University of New Haven (West Haven, Connecticut)
Master of Business Administration, Executive MBA
United States International University (San Diego, California)
Master of Arts, Human Behavior
United States Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland)
Bachelor of Science, General Studies


Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, Herrmann International
Master Personal and Executive Coach, The Faculty Council of the College of Executive Coaching
Six Seconds Associate Trainer, Six Seconds
Register of Certified KAI Users, Occupational Research Centre
Certificate of Training, Advanced Spiral Dynamics Program, The National Values Center, Inc.
Advanced Program in Organization Development and Human Resource Management, Columbia University


Psychologist, State of Connecticut Department of Health Services

Work Experience

2020 - Present
Franklin University, Senior Leadership Coach
2010 - Present
Franklin University, Program Chair, Masters of Science in Business Psychology
2010 - 2010
Franklin University, Lead Faculty
2010 - 2010
Franklin University, Interim Program Chair
2007 - 2009
Franklin University, Lead Faculty
1999 - 2007
Franklin University, Faculty - Course Manager
1998 - 1999
Franklin University, Associate Dean
1996 - 1998
Franklin University, Lead Faculty
1993 - 1996
Franklin University, Faculty

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