Faculty Profile

Bora Pajo, Ph.D.

Lead Faculty, Qualitative Methods & Design



Dr. Pajo is a research methodologist with experience in qualitative and quantitative research. She is born and raised in Tirana, Albania, and moved to the United States to pursue her graduate studies, first at St. John's University in Queens, New York, and later at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  

Prior to joining Franklin, Dr. Pajo was an assistant professor at Mercyhurst University, in Erie, PA. Her research interests include medical sociology, behavioral and emotional problems of children, and more recently scientific methodology.  


Florida International University
Doctor of Philosophy, Social Welfare
Florida International University
Master of Arts, Comparative Sociology
University of Tirana (Albania)
Diploma - Law, Law

Work Experience

2020 - Present
Franklin University, Lead Faculty, Qualitative Methods & Design
2020 - 2020
Franklin University, Research Associate, Qualitative Methods & Research Design
2018 - 2020
Franklin University, Lead Faculty, Qualitative Methods & Research Design
2018 - 2018
Franklin University, Adjunct Faculty
2017 - 2018
Ohio Department of Medicaid, Health Services Policy Analyst, Columbus, Ohio

Publications & Presentations

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Pajo, B. (2013, Dec. 31). Spending time with children and medication outcomes for children diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, depression, and suicidal ideation. Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA.
Pajo, B. (2011, Dec. 31). Screening and eligibility in juvenile mental health courts.. Intermountain Mental Health Court Conference, Logan, UT.
Pajo, B. (2009, Dec. 31). Accounts of parenting an ADHD child. Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse, Miami, FL.

Professional Service

Committee Chair
Graduate Council/ Franklin University
Committee Member
Faculty Senate/ Franklin University
Committee Member
Academic Standards Committee
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Academic Research Committee