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Meir Russ, PhD

Adjunct Faculty and Doctoral Faculty Advisor



Prof. Meir Russ graduated from The Ohio State University in 1993 with a Ph.D. in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and International Business. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. He is a founder of a high-tech company in Israel and consulted on strategy and knowledge management domestically and internationally. While in Israel, Meir was a farmer and an HR director as a member of an Israeli Kibbutz, and spend a year participating in developing an Industrial Policy as a member of a Research Institute in Jerusalem. Following his doctoral studies at OSU, Meir joined the MBA program at Franklin University in Columbus, OH and later the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, from where he retired in December 2018. He also taught undergraduate and graduate classes and delivered doctoral and graduate seminars at Semester at Sea, Shenzhen University, Sichuan University, The University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, University of Łódz, Poland, KEDGE-Bordeaux School of Management, the University of Pisa’s, GSA Master program, NORD University, Norway; Master of Knowledge Management program, Stellenbosch University in South Africa and at Roma-Tre, Rome, Italy the Ph.D. program as well as at the Doctorate in “Economia Aziendale e Management” program at the University of Pisa.  Prof. Russ is the Chief Editor of Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM). He was the founding Chief Editor of the International Journal of Management and Business (IJMB). Meir was named the Frederick E. Baer Professor in Business in 2009 and the Philip J. and Elizabeth Hendrickson Professor in Business in 2014. His current research interests include human capital valuation methods, knowledge-based strategies and the new-knowledge based economic development among others. Meir is the author of more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and an editor of seven books. He received the Lifetime Academic Achievement Award in 2016 and the Excellence in Leadership Award in 2020, both from the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management. Meir was granted the prestigious Professor Emeritus honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, in January 2020. He became also an IEEE Senior Member in October 2020.

Meir and his wife Fay have four children and twelve grandchildren. When not teaching, writing or visiting the grandkids and playing chess, Lego or basketball/soccer with them, Meir and Fay like to travel internationally, to learn and experience different history, culture and food, visit museums, and take photos of nature, people and historical monuments. Meir likes also to collect stamps and recently learned how to apply machine learning art software to photography.




The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration
The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
Master of Arts, Business Administration
Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Protecting Human Research Participant, The National Institute of Health Office of External Research

Work Experience

2018 - 2019
Lion International, Inc., Vice Chair, Academic Standards Board
2017 - Present
Franklin University, Adjunct Faculty & Doctoral Faculty Advisor
2007 - 2011
CCI, Secretary
2006 - 2013
Brown County Emergency Food and Shelter Program, Board of Directors
2005 - 2007
CCI, Treasurer
1998 - 2005
Square Knowledge Management, Inc, CEO and CKO
1997 - 2006
Worthington Industries, Corporate Training
1991 - 1994
Nationwide Insurance, Business Analyst, Columbus, Ohio
1990 - 1990
School Book Fairs Inc., Data Analysis with Operations Vice President, Worthington, Ohio
1989 - 1989
The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, Senior researcher
1988 - 1988
Strategic Business Development, Senior Strategic Consultant
1986 - 1987
Eyal Microwave Industries, Marketing V.P.
1982 - 1985
Kibbutz Eyal, New Business Development Manager

Publications & Presentations

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