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Sep 25, 2023
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Build in-demand skills quickly with a data analytics certificate program

Turn information into insight and help organizations impact nearly every aspect of business. Data analysis is a valuable skill for any professional seeking a competitive edge - regardless of your industry or current role. Franklin’s Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics boosts your knowledge of statistics, databases, data visualization, data mining and big data technologies using high-demand tools such as  R and Tableau - no STEM background required. Earn your certificate 100% online in as few as 8 months. 

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Data Analytics Certificate Program Overview

Uncovering the insights hidden within big data is important for government organizations, nonprofits and corporations in every industry. You’ll learn descriptive methods that will enable you to tell the story behind the numbers, create powerful visualizations to help you communicate your findings, and use predictive analysis to make recommendations based on trends. Throughout the program, you’ll also explore the ethical principles of data, including collection, access, ownership and privacy issues. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to transform information into meaningful insights and provide best practices to stakeholders within your organization. 

Master cutting-edge technology to address common challenges in data analytics

At Franklin, you’ll get the skills necessary to conduct descriptive and predictive analytics and build your expertise with the tools and platforms used to visualize and mine big data. The Introduction to Analytics course presents projects that provide opportunities to improve your analytics skills by applying techniques to solve problems in various fields from health to finance. Hands-on projects in the Data Visualization and Reporting class put you to work on meaningful assignments creating dashboards and visualizations using Tableau. Your work in this class also covers topics that prepare you for the Tableau certification exam. In a separate course, you’ll learn about big data technologies and data mining techniques integrated with R.

Keep the momentum going and earn your master’s degree

Completion of the four, 12-week courses required to earn the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics not only equips you with job-ready skills, but also positions you just four classes away from completing one of three master’s degrees at Franklin. 

The M.S. in Data Analytics emphasizes programming skills to create and apply computer algorithms alongside the acquisition of statistical skills and proficiency with advanced analytics methods and tools. 

The M.S. in Business Analytics focuses on equipping you with the tools, techniques and strategies to transform data information into a meaningful basis for decision making and strategic direction. 

The M.S. in Health Informatics enables you to channel your affinity for data analysis into a role in which you can inform decision making, improve efficiencies and ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.  

Earn your Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics from a university built for busy adults

As an accredited, nonprofit university, our focus at Franklin is on you. Our team of academic advisors will help ease your transition to becoming a student, while our flexible course schedules and 100% online coursework help to balance your education with work, family and life. 

Students rate our faculty members as top-notch for the real-world expertise they are able to bring to the coursework. When you need help, your instructor is just a phone call or email away. You can also rely on support resources from the Learning Commons, like workshops, tutoring sessions and library services. Get started on your future today.

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Data Analytics Certificate Courses & Curriculum

16 Semester Hours
Major Area Required
MATH 601 - Introduction to Analytics (4)

This course provides an introductory overview of methods, concepts and current practices in the field of statistics and data analytics. Topics to be covered include data collection, data analysis and visualization as well as probability, statistical inference and regression methods for informed decision-making. Students will explore these topics with current statistical software. Some emphasis will also be given to ethical principles of data analytics.

DATA 605 - Data Visualization & Reporting (4)

This course focuses on collecting, preparing, and analyzing data to create visualizations, dashboards, and stories that can be used to communicate critical business insights. Students will learn how to structure and streamline data analysis projects and highlight their implications efficiently using the most popular visualization tools used by businesses today.

DATA 610 - Big Data Analytics and Data Mining (4)

This course explores data mining methods and tools, examines the issues in the analytical analysis of massive datasets, and unstructured data. Students will learn the concepts and techniques to discover the patterns in large datasets, which support organizational decision making.

DATA 630 - Applied Database Management (4)

This course teaches data management from an applied perspective. The topics include fundamentals of database management systems, structured query language (SQL) for data analytics, relational database design, and data warehousing.

Keep the Momentum Going

Align your learning with your career goals with stackable credentials 

With more knowledge comes increased opportunity and we’re with you every step of the way. Franklin’s stackable programs enable you to earn a valuable credential - and an immediate career boost - on the path to your degree. With certificate credits that apply directly to your master's degree, you’ll make the most of your time and your tuition.

Program Details

Career Opportunities

Management Consultant

Management consultants improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by designing systems and procedures based on the results of organizational studies and evaluations. 

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts use competitor and consumer data to provide insights on target audience, product demand and price point.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts gather data to create finance and market intelligence reports that emphasize patterns and trends likely to impact organizational operations and goals. 

Data Warehousing Specialist

Data warehousing specialists create methods to help organizations manage and store data - from developing processes and procedures to creating software solutions or apps.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts collect information and create spreadsheets and reports to examine the feasibility of a business opportunity and prepare a recommendation based on their analysis.