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Military Educational Benefits

Get Help Paying for School

We offer a variety of helpful programs exclusively for military members and veterans, including scholarships, transfer credits, and more -- all of which are designed to help reduce the cost of your education.

Let Franklin help you earn a college degree and further your career options.

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Military Family Member Discount

Learn how spouses and dependent children of military service members can save up to 15 percent on a college degree from Franklin University.

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Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserves

Learn more about the education and training assistance provided to Selected Reserve members under the Montgomery GI Bill.

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Montgomery GI Bill

See if you’re eligible for Chapter 30 educational assistance under the Montgomery GI Bill for active duty service members.

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Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program

Learn how and when to apply for Ohio Army and Air National Guard scholarship money to pay for your tuition.

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Post-9/11 GI Bill®

Learn about the eligibility requirements and application process for tuition and housing benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

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Reserve Education Assistance Program

Learn more about the educational assistance available to eligible reservists under the Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP).

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Survivors & Dependents Assistance

Find out if you’re eligible for education benefits and training opportunities as a surviving spouse or dependent of a disabled or deceased veteran.

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Training Time

Learn how to get help paying for a college education at Franklin University with military training time benefits for veterans.

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Veteran Payment Policies

Find out when and how benefit-eligible veterans receive educational funding benefits.

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Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment VetSuccess Program

Learn more about Chapter 31 vocational rehabilitation benefits, a government program that helps veterans with service-connected disabilities find and keep a job.

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Yellow Ribbon Program

Find out how and why eligible veterans can attend Franklin University and earn an undergraduate degree with no out-of-pocket tuition expenses.

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