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By choosing Franklin University CCP/Pre-College, students have several options to complete college-level coursework while still working toward their high school graduation requirements. Students can take courses on-site at Franklin, online at Franklin, or on-site at partner high schools. By choosing a pathway program, about 30-hours of transferable coursework focused around an in-demand career field, students get a jump-start on their associate or bachelor’s degree.

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How to Apply for CCP/Pre-College

Students should complete the CCP fast application if attending one of Franklin's partner high schools.

Students should use the standard application if attending a non-partner high school, pre-college student or a homeschool student. Students are considered a pre-college student if residing outside of Ohio.

Dual Enrollment Type Eligibility: CCP or Pre-College?

  College Credit Plus Pre-College
Ohio resident Yes No
Non-partner application link
Partner high school N/A
Eligible for state funding through Ohio? Yes No
Dual enrollment tuition per credit hour - online $166.55 $166.55
Dual enrollment tuition per credit hour - in high school $41.64 N/A
Undergraduate tuition discount - post-dual enrollment 20% 20%


Hear From CCP Students

Elliott Hager ('22)

CCP Student + Franklin Graduate

"Having one of my professors become my mentor throughout the duration of high school was one of the best things I feel I have done."

Grace Risner ('22)

CCP Student + Franklin Graduate

"Franklin and College Credit Plus (CCP), as a whole, have allowed me to explore various career options much earlier than most of my peers, and I am very grateful for that."

CCP/Pre-College Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

Students in grades 7th – 12th in all 50 states may be considered for participation in dual enrollment:

  • Students demonstrate that they are college ready by completing an assessment (Accuplacer, ACT, SAT) or have a cumulative GPA of 3.0+
  •  If placement testing is required, it will be delivered remotely.
  1. Submit CCP Fast application here: 
  2. Non-Partner school counselors and parent/guardians of homeschooled students can submit student transcripts here: 
  3. If placement testing is required, students will receive communication with directions on how they can complete testing. Testing can be completed remotely.
  4. An Academic Advisor will contact you to assist with registration for students competing online courses. If you are taking courses in your high school, please work with your high school counselor.

Tuition Discount for CCP/Pre-College Participants

Taking CCP/Pre-College courses through Franklin has many long-term advantages. However, when you choose to transfer your CCP/Pre-College coursework toward a Franklin bachelor’s degree, you’ll also get a 20% tuition discount and cut the cost of your degree even further. Qualify for the discount by successfully completing just one CCP/Pre-College course at Franklin. Plus, our seamless transfer process makes it easier to keep the momentum going so you’ll get to the finish line faster!

State Funding

Private and Homeschool Students in the state of Ohio must apply for funding ever year regardless of the previous year’s rewards. 

You can find information on the steps for applying for funding from the state click here.


A college education is a major investment for students and families. If a bachelor’s degree is the end goal for your student, there are several options for earning the degree. However, your final cost  can vary greatly based on which path you take. 

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Transferring College Credit to Franklin University

Franklin wants you to keep as many of your previously earned college credits as possible so you can save time, money -- and finish your degree faster. Take just 10 minutes to see if your classes are transferrable using our free, online transfer credit estimator.

In addition to checking your college course equivalency on our website, we’ll compare degree programs and help you find the best fit for your transfer credits.

Use our My Transfer Credit tool to see how easy transferring credits can be.

Proficiency Testing for Credit

Franklin wants to help you get all the college credit you deserve so you can save time and money on earning your degree. That’s why we’re pleased to accept proof of college-level learning in the form of proficiency exams. 

If you are interested in “testing out” of a course, below are Franklin’s testing resources:

Prior Learning Credit

Franklin awards Prior Learning Credit for certificates, military training, advanced placement, proficiency tests, and other learning experiences that require a test or assessment.

  • We award prior learning credit for all types of learning experiences including military training, proficiency examinations, professional certifications, portfolios, life experience, and more.
  • To search Prior Learning Credits click here >

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