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Meet Franklin’s Admissions Advisors

Franklin wants to make earning your associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate as straightforward as possible from Day One. So when you’re ready to apply, we’re ready, too. From the online application through student orientation, our dedicated team of admissions advisors will get you started on the admission process -- and keep you on track.

Our Advisors

Undergraduate Admission Advisors

Michael Uniacke
Associate Director of Admissions Operations and Undergraduate Admissions
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Specialties: Undergraduate Admissions, Admissions Operations

Education: Master of Project Management, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Economics Professional

Experience: I have enjoyed working in higher education for 10 years in a variety roles across the University. My experience in admissions, advising and financial aid have helped to develop a holistic approach to serving students.

Advising Philosophy: Using a student-centered approach, it is my goal to assist my students throughout the admissions life-cycle. I strive to ensure that my prospective students’ educational plans are aligned with their personal and professional goals.

Hobbies: With two children under the age of 3, I do not have much time for hobbies. When I have a spare moment, I enjoy relaxing with my family, cooking, traveling and the occasional round of golf!

Marshia Boone
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education:  Master of Human Resource Management, B.A. Communications

Professional Experience:  I’ve worked as an advisor in higher education for 12 years. During that time I have served in many capacities: coordinating FAFSA workshops, presenting at new student orientations and overseeing high school application days. My vast experience has equipped me to assist students from various backgrounds, ages and levels of college experience. 

Advising Philosophy:  It has always been my philosophy that in order to be a successful, effective advisor, you have to meet the students where they are. It’s important that I make you feel comfortable and know that I’m here to inform and help guide your way to achieving your academic goals. 

Hobbies: I love to travel, play board games with my family and friends, and go to the movies.

Drew Buford
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education: B.S. in Human Development Family Studies an M.S. in Higher Education Administration.

Professional Experience: I have been working in Higher Education for about 5 years now. The majority of my experience has been within Educational Policy Studies, but I have worked many roles mentoring, advising, and instructing students.

Advising Philosophy: My advising philosophy is all about getting to know the students unique abilities and challenges while ensuring students get all of the information and guidance they need to be successful. It is my responsibility to foster a relationship with each student and teach them how they can move forward and make important academic and life choices through personal growth and self-direction. Whether it be a few minutes or an hour with a student, an opportunity to educate students on their options and opportunities is what I find to be the most rewarding. 

Hobbies: I enjoy trying new foods, designing and decorating and helping others!

Whitney Dodds
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education:  M.M. in Vocal Performance, B.A. in Music Business

Professional Experience: My career path has been a meandering one. I’ve done everything from running the register at a variety retail locations, teaching at the university level, managing a box office, and even hosting a radio show. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to figure out what you want to be when you “grow up,” so it’s a joy and a privilege to help students with that process!

Advising Philosophy: I hope to impart our applicants with the importance of lifelong learning, regardless of age, race, gender, orientation or economic status. Lifelong learners become experts in their fields, well-rounded human beings, and excellent citizens of the world. It’s my job to help students find the path that they’re passionate about and that gets them excited about learning! 

Hobbies: I love to read, spend time with my dog Hildi and sew!

Taylor Cayot
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education: M.S. in Business Psychology, B.S. Psychology, B.S. Criminal Justice with FOE in Honors

Professional Experience: My higher education experience started when I became a residence assistant and then became one of my school’s first undergraduate hall directors. These experiences helped shape my passion for higher education and working with students. Later, I became an undergraduate admissions advisor, which included traveling to recruit students and helping students through the admission process.

Advising Philosophy/Personal Statement: I am a firm believe that a student’s initial experience can impact their future success. I take a student-centered, almost family-like approach, to working with each applicant as an individual. I always try to make the effort to provide a positive initial experience, to help encourage a student’s future success.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family. A favorite solo activity is cooking, while listening to my favorite music. I consider myself a jack of all trades, as I enjoy experiencing new things and hobbies. 

Michael ‘Gia’ Giavasis
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology (Pre-Med)

Hobbies: I enjoy softball, volleyball, soccer, cooking, reading, gardening and the arts.

Personal Statement: My ultimate goal when working with students is to cultivate trust and cooperation as we work toward academic success, personal growth and professional development together.

Ryan Guglielmi
New Student Enrollment Coordinator

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Personal Statement: As a member of the Admissions team, my mission is to help applicants through the admission process to fulfill their dream of obtaining a higher education. Completing my degree as an adult learner has allowed me to appreciate the difficulties that our students face during their journey. Therefore, it is my pleasure to be able to help applicants through their process.

Hobbies: I enjoy running, golfing, traveling and hiking.

Debra Palmer
Student Recruitment Operations Coordinator

Education: Graduated from Warren G Haring High School (Warren, Ohio)

Specializations: Military Student Enrollment

Personal Statement: It has been my pleasure to work at Franklin University for 13 years. Working with our active and veteran students as the admissions military expert, it gives me great pride to assist applicants in obtaining their personal, academic and professional goals. It is my job to make sure they know what they need to in order to successfully become an enrolled student.

Hobbies: I enjoy bicycle riding, reading, traveling and spending time with family.

Cameron Rogers
Generalist, Prospective Student Recruitment

Education: Bachelor of Interior Architecture 

Professional Experience: I have been working in higher education for four years. My current position is one of the most rewarding roles I have ever had. Working with prospective students and gaining an understanding of their goals and the significance of education in their lives has been a great experience for me. I enjoy getting to know students better in order to help them find the program that best meets their needs.

Advising Philosophy: It is my mission to provide valuable program knowledge and useful tools to seamlessly assist prospective students through our admission process. I strive to help applicants connect their personal and professional goals to create a perfect educational plan.

Hobbies: Having a creative mind I love to make things out of nothing or repurpose items. I also love to paint, draw, seek adventures and (last but not least) I love to eat!

Jeremy Radovanic
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education: B.A. in Spanish, Education, and Leadership Studies 

Professional Experience: I have worked in undergraduate admissions for the past year. Previously, I worked with Columbus City Schools, engaging with high school students to ensure that they are successful in their future endeavors.

Advising Philosophy: I am committed to you and your success. As you begin your new journey with your education, I strive to make your transition to the university seamless. Know that your education is important to me and I am here to help.

Hobbies: In my free time I enjoy cooking, exploring new cities, playing volleyball, photography and videography. I also have a strong passion for travel paired with diverse cultures, food and languages.

Brandon Smith
Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

Education: B.A in History and Sociology 

Professional Experience: My work experience has been mainly based in the performing arts. From teaching dance classes and leading a dance department to working in ticketing for over 5 years, I have always enjoyed working and engaging with others. 

Advising Philosophy: I hope to provide students with a sense of ease as they begin their educational journey. It is important to understand where they are coming from and their goals. By doing this, I can ensure students will make informed decisions during the admissions process. 

Hobbies: I try to stay as active as possible, including hiking, working out and taking/teaching dance classes. 

Graduate Admission Advisors

Sara Burris
Associate Director of Graduate Admissions
(614) 947-6186 | Email >

Specialties: Graduate/Doctoral Admissions

Education: Master of Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Arts Professional

Experience: I have enjoyed working in higher education since 2004 and truly have a passion for helping people achieve their educational goals. The majority of my experience is within admissions, but I have worked cross departmentally, which has given me a holistic approach when serving our students.

Advising Philosophy: It is my mission to provide valuable program knowledge and useful tools to seamlessly assist prospective students through our admission process. I strive to align the applicant’s personal and professional goals to a well-suited educational plan. Education is invaluable and it is my pleasure to help start your journey.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, anything related to outdoors and photography.

Katie Coridan
Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions

Education: M.A. Higher Education Administration, B.A. Psychology

Professional Experience: I started working in higher education in 2010, and came to Franklin University five years later. I have worked in academic advising, community standards, and graduate admissions.

Advising Philosophy: My goal is to provide every prospective student I work with the information and tools they need to make the best decision for their education. I understand the commitment and dedication it takes to pursue graduate education, and aim to make the process as easy as possible.  

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling, wine tasting and craft beer. My dog Murray and I take walks every day, and also enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter.

Andrea Gjorevski
Graduate Admissions Advisor

Education: Bachelor of Science Public Relations, Master of Science in Marketing & Communication.

Advising Philosophy: I guide and motivate students to achieve their personal, academic and career goals.

Personal Statement: As a Franklin graduate myself, I provide a true and insightful approach to the University. I look forward to getting you started on the right foot!

Merchel Menefield
Doctoral Admissions Advisor

Education: Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Bachelor of Science Psychology

Personal Statement: One of my favorite quotes is “res non verba”, which means deeds not words. Although I am very talkative, I actually put forward a greater amount of effort to help others attain their personal and professional objectives through education.

Mission Statement: My mission as an advisor is to help learners/students determine the best way to use their education as a vehicle to get where they want to go. I strive to be their accountability partner in successfully navigating the admission process by always reminding them of their original intent for seeking a degree. Overall, my mission is to set them on a smooth pathway from admission to graduation.

Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family, researching various topics, being outdoors and exploring other cultures. In addition, I am a proud native of North Carolina and travel there frequently.

Temika Pennyman
Graduate Admissions Advisor

Education: Bachelor of Science (Focus in Business Administration and Human Resources) MBA in Project Management (in progress)

Professional Experience/Advising Philosophy: I’ve worked as an admissions advisor for 2+ years and in the time spent as an advisor, I’ve grown to love what I do immensely. Knowing that I’m making a difference in helping my students achieve their goals is a joy that I would not trade for the world. As an admissions advisor, I am committed to supporting a diverse group of students who are willing to take charge of their future and are making the decision to take the first step in completing their goals. I am a firm believer that education is the key to alleviate most challenges faced in life. As Malcolm X passionately stated, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!

Hobbies: I love reading, traveling, shopping and spending time with my family.

George Pomeroy
Senior Graduate Admissions Advisor

Specialties: City of Columbus, Essen and Nationwide Partnerships

Education & Professional Experience: Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies, Master of Business Administration in Business Management and 8 years’ experience in higher education environment

Advising Philosophy: The real world is complex and I like to help students navigate this complexity with a combination of conceptual, informational and relational advising philosophies. I like to provide accurate information to students in a mentoring environment, challenging them to reflect on their interest, skills and aptitudes. I want students to think critically about their goals and objectives when selecting majors and future careers.

Hobbies: I love spending time with my family and I enjoy cycling and craft beer.

Elvira Seidametova
Graduate Admissions Advisor

Education: M.S. in Healthcare Administration, B.S. Business Administration 

Personal Statement: I enjoy assisting prospective students steer through their educational journey and always look forward to providing guidance to make the admission process as smooth as possible. 

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, listening to music, traveling and taking long walks. 

Manuela Smith
Senior Graduate Admissions Advisor

Education: M.S. in Business Psychology, M.S. in Instructional Design + Learning Technology (in process), B.S. Criminal Justice Administration, Bachelor’s Degree in Education/Pedagogy

Professional Experience: My 14 years of experience in the educational field has enabled me to better understand the journey my students are undertaking, and to better assist them along the way. As someone coming from another culture, I’m empathic toward the struggles and obstacles that students can face as they pursue their academic goals.

Advising Philosophy: My work experience at Franklin began at the front desk of the Student Services Center. Working with students on an individual basis helped give me a comprehensive viewpoint on what students need and how we can meet those needs as best possible, and it also prepared me well for my transition to my current role of graduate admissions advisor. I strive to make each student interaction personal and to ensure that all my students experience a red carpet service and feel that their educational goals are important to me, as well. 

Throughout all my years of education, I’ve learned how important it is to keep perspective on your goals and dreams. Even when experiencing difficulties, it is important to keep going and to never give up. 

Hobbies: I am originally from Romania, more specifically, from near the famous Transilvania region of Dracula fame. When I came to the United States as an exchange student, I did not speak any English. Through hard work and determination, I created a new life for myself. I am married, and am the mother of three children. In my free time, I love to travel, cook and spend time with my family.

Ardell Trotter
Doctoral Admissions Advisor

Education: Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership (in progress), MBA, B.S. Business Administration, A.A.S. Business Management

Professional Experience: I have 11 years of experience in higher education. During that time, I have fulfilled many roles, but I have truly cherished my time in Admissions and as an adjunct instructor, as those roles have allowed me to be in a position where I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of students.  

Advising Philosophy: Building relationships with our students is something that I pride myself in, as it promotes a positive learning environment that helps to build our classroom community, and is probably one of the best investments we can make with our learners. My approach is one that is personable, genuine and filled with care. I believe that when we seek to understand, we show our learners that we care. I make it my mission to ensure that our students come first, while addressing their concerns and challenges throughout the admission process.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching sports, music production and fishing. However, my favorite thing is spending to time with my family because they bring me so much joy.

Our Community College Regional Managers

Andrew Chamberlain
Enrollment Advisor
(614) 947-6244 | Email >
(614) 714-1904 (Text only)

Education: B.A. English Literature & Writing

Professional Experience: I have worked in various fields, including customer service, banking and call centers. Since joining Franklin, I have come to understand how careers and lives can be changed for the better. From this realization, I am more committed to helping prospective students move forward with their education and be successful. 

Advising Philosophy/Personal Statement: I believe that education is an important part of life. For this reason, I am driven to assist students to achieve their educational goals so that they can also achieve their professional goals. During my own college experience, I worked full time and attended classes. Because I understand how difficult this can be, I am an excellent resource for prospective students with busy schedules. 

Hobbies: I love watching murder mysteries shows with my wife and entertaining our three cats. Also, I enjoy reading all kinds of literature, particularly Shakespearean drama. When I can, I like doing yard work and working outdoors. 

Danielle Cordes
Community College Regional Manager
(330) 601-6817 | Email >

Specialties: Stark State College, Community College of Beaver County, Butler County Community College, Eastern Gateway Community College and all Illinois-based and Pennsylvania-based schools.

About Me: I am originally from Bolivar, Ohio. I have a greyhound/lab mix named Lady and two rescue cats named Mila and Tux. I enjoy watching all the Cleveland sports teams, but my favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers! I enjoy taking traveling to see family and spending time outdoors as well.

Education & Experience: I earned my bachelor’s degree in sports administration from Kent State University and my MBA with a specialization in project management from DeVry University. I have five years of experience in higher education. In my professional roles, I have supported both undergraduate and graduate students throughout their academic careers.

My Top Success Tip: Any goal you have will come with challenges. Stay motivated by remembering why you started and focusing on the reasons for your goals.

At Our Best For Our Students: I am committed to your success! As I get to know you and understand your goals, I will work to provide you with the best options and support in order to help you achieve your goals!

Jenny Garringer
Community College Regional Manager
(937) 569-8181 | Email >

Specialties: Sinclair Community College, Rhodes State College,  Chatfield College, Southern State Community College & all Illinois-based schools.

About Me: I grew up on a farm outside of Washington C.H., Ohio, with two younger sisters. I’ve lived in the Dayton area since college. I run two small businesses, a wedding and event planning company that I started in 2009, and a home-based bakery that I added in 2015. In my free time, I love spending time with my friends and family, going on road trips and travelling. A trip to Ireland is on my vacation bucket list.

Education & Experience: I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business (Marketing) as well as, an MBA at Wright State University. I have 17+ years of experience in higher education working in large and small, public and private institutions. I have been with Franklin University since 2012, initially serving as an academic advisor before I transitioned to my current role in 2017. I currently work with students at our many local partner organizations and community colleges to help them navigate the transfer process in order to pursue their education at Franklin University.

My Top Success Tip: Going to school while working or having a family can be difficult. There are a lot of things in our lives to juggle, so finding a way for you to stay organized and laser-focused on your education can really help you succeed! If you hit a bump in the road, it is okay, we will help get you back on track and moving forward.

At Our Best For Our Students: I am committed to you and your educational goals. I am here to help you every step along the way, making sure the transition toward your next degree is as smooth as possible and aligns with your personal and career aspirations. I am always willing to help you in any way that I can.

Greg Haskins
Community College Regional Manager
(614) 849-2997 | Email >

Specialties: Columbus State Community College, Marion Technical College & Owens Community College.

About Me: My wife and I were married on a mountain that is part of the Appalachian Trail outside of Asheville, N.C. Shortly thereafter, we rescued a blue nose pit bull that we named, Ashe. I enjoy hiking, camping, running and finding new spots in Columbus to explore.

Education & Experience: I completed my undergraduate degree at Wright State University, and earned my master’s in higher education administration from Tiffin University.

My Top Success Tip: Find a routine that works best for you and stick with it! I always did my best work late at night for a few hours at a time.

At Our Best For Our Students: I took the exact same educational path that many of the students I work with are taking. Being a transfer student was not easy, and I had no one to help me through that process. I refuse to let my students have the same experience I did with the transfer process.

Shirley Hayes
Assistant Director – Community College Alliance National
(740) 297-9738 | Email >

About Me: I was born in Zanesville, Ohio, which is known nationally for the famous Longaberger basket and the Y-bridge. I grew up on a farm and have a true love for nature and animals. I enjoy being outside as much as possible and love to visit different national parks, covered bridges, waterfalls and lighthouses. I have a passion for photography and love to take pictures documenting all of my journeys. My favorite vacation spot is the beach. My favorite beaches are in Fort Myers and Destin, Florida. I love the relaxing feeling of listening to the ocean waves crashing upon the shore and early morning seashell hunting. Family is my top priority in life. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and have one beautiful daughter. I love spending time with my family taking spontaneous journeys together and making memories that last forever.

Education & Experience: I started my educational journey at Zane State College, a two-year community college, where I earned an associate degree in business. I went on to get both my bachelor’s in business administration and an MBA from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. I have been working in the educational field for over 16 years. I have experience in admissions and advising and enjoy helping others reach their educational and career goals.

My Top Success Tip: Albert Schweitzer said it best: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Choose a career path that you love and you will never work a day in your life.

At Our Best for Our Students: Every student is different and I look forward to working with you as you make the decision to transition to Franklin University. I will provide you with the resources needed to make a sound decision on the best transfer option for you. I will be there for you through admission and financial aid process – including registering you for your first term classes at Franklin University. As we work together to achieve your goals, I want you to feel comfortable and excited about becoming a part of our Franklin University family.

Kayla Jarvis
Enrollment Advisor
(614) 947-6724 | Email >
(614) 714-1904 (Text only)

About Me: I currently live in Wooster, OH, near where I grew up. I enjoy going on walks with my husband and our dog and spending lots of time with family. I’m a big fan of the horror movie genre, especially the traditional old haunted house storyline. My other interests include thrifting and visiting antique stores and flea markets anywhere I go. I love the thrill of the (treasure) hunt!

Education & Experience: I completed a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and History from Cleveland State University and then went on to complete my master’s degree in Anthropology at George Washington University. I worked on campus while completing my degree programs, which sparked my love for working in higher education. After completing my graduate degree, I joined Teach for America and taught middle school in Cleveland, OH for 3 years. Following that experience, I felt pulled to return to higher education and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

My Top Success Tip: Be kind to yourself when you’re struggling and be extra proud of yourself when you’re succeeding. If you celebrate small victories just as enthusiastically as big ones then you’ll never lose the motivation to move forward and grow.

At Our Best for Our Students: I’m excited to get to know you and to do what I can to support your educational and career goals. I’ll be available to answer any questions you have throughout the admissions and enrollment process. I look forward to working with you on your transition to Franklin University! 

Jennifer Mack
Community College Regional Manager
(614) 357-7635 | Email >

Specialties: Sinclair Community College, Clark State Community College, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Ivy Tech Community College

About Me: I am originally from Lancaster, Ohio. My husband and I were married in 2016, and we just welcomed our son into the world June 2018. I enjoy running, any type of exercise and traveling. My favorite place to visit is Alaska, If I could live there I would!

Education & Experience: I earned my bachelor’s degree in public relations with a marketing minor from Wright State University and a master’s in higher education from Ashford University. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in higher education for over 10 years. I’ve held positions in admissions, academics, student services and career services. Higher education has been my passion and I feel lucky to work with students every day to help them pursue their goals.

My Top Success Tip: Education is the one thing no one can take from you. It takes time, hard work and dedication but in the end it always pays off. While in school it’s about developing a new mindset and creating a new normal. However, once you’re done and walking across the graduation stage there’s no looking back, only forward!

At Our Best For Our Students: My goal is to make your transition to Franklin as seamless and efficient as possible. As I help you through the enrollment process I will provide encouragement and support when needed. Know that you matter and I am here for you!

Erika Miller
Community College Regional Manager
(614) 965-2272 | Email >

Specialties: Columbus State Community College, Central Ohio Technical College & Edison State Community College.

About Me: I have the cutest dog (no, really) you’ve ever seen. I consider ice cream to be a food group. I enjoy shopping, good conversation and browsing bookstores with a coffee in my hand. My life goal is to end up living on a beach, selling cheap souvenirs and coconut drinks.

Education & Experience: I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Ohio University and a master’s degree in administration from Central Michigan University. I have spent the last 15 years working in higher education in a variety of areas including teaching, financial aid and programs for nontraditional students.

My Top Success Tip: My father gave me the best advice while I was pursuing my degree. He asked if I believed that people with degrees were smarter. I said not necessary, to which he agreed. He explained that getting a degree is not about being smarter than someone else. Obtaining a degree signals you have the perseverance to push through the inevitable obstacles. No matter who you are or what degree you are pursuing, you will face challenges that make you want to quit. You cannot quit. You must hold on and persevere. Once you do so, your degree signifies your accomplishment.

At Our Best For Our Students: As a Franklin University employee, one of the things I am most proud of is that we really offer a pathway to an accessible and affordable bachelor’s degree. When I was an undergraduate transfer student, I found the process confusing, expensive and time-consuming. I love that I am able to help community college students transfer to Franklin with a process that is easy, cost-effective and maximizes the credits they have earned.

Joseph Smith
Director of Community College Alliance Ohio
(614) 947-6717 | Email >

About Me: I am married with two teenage daughters who keep my wife and me very busy with all of their activities. My main hobby is gardening and working on our yard. Our family enjoys homemade pasta sauce, salsa, and stewed tomatoes made with our garden fresh vegetables.

Education & Experience: I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology at John Carroll University and my master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of New Haven. I have been in higher education continuously since completing my master’s degree in 1994. I have been an adjunct or part-time professor ever since completing my master's degree and my ultimate goal is to teach as a full-time professor for a college or university. I teach currently undergraduate courses at Franklin. In the past, I have taught at Ashland University, North Central State College, Lakeland Community College and The Ohio State University.

My Top Success Tip: Persistence is the key for completion of any activity. It is never a smooth journey from one point to another in life and the process only is completed if you just keep going.

At Our Best For Our Students: As a current student in Franklin’s Doctor of Business Administration program, I have a unique perspective that enables me to make student success my first priority at Franklin University.

MaryAnn Stoila
Enrollment Advisor
(614) 947-6458 | Email >
(614) 714-1904 (Text only)

About me: I am originally from Euclid, Ohio. While I currently reside in Akron, I lived in Oklahoma for several years before moving back to the Northeast Ohio area. I have been married since 2009 and enjoy spending time with my husband and dog. I am an avid walker and my favorite places to walk include our neighborhood and local parks. My other hobbies include reading books from the mystery and historical fiction genre, playing trivia, and eating at local restaurants.

Education & Experience: I earned my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Wheeling Jesuit University. After teaching for several years in Cleveland, I decided to pursue my master’s degree in School Counseling at The University of Akron and worked as a school counselor in Lawton, Oklahoma for two years. Since moving back to Ohio in 2016, I have worked in higher education, specifically with the adult and transfer population. 

My Top Success Tip: Life can take you in unexpected directions, but the most challenging times can teach you the most about yourself. Your life and work experiences will bring unique insight and perspective to the classroom. Stay positive and goal-oriented and all other details will fall into place. Remember, there are always resources and support available to help you along the way! 

At Our Best for Our Students: I look forward to getting to know you and learning more about your academic and future plans. I am committed to being a helpful and available resource to you throughout each step of the admissions and enrollment process. I am excited for you as you begin your journey at Franklin University!