President's Welcome

President's Welcome

Dear Friends,

Franklin University is truly distinctive. While there are other fine institutions that strive to meet the needs of students who have the ambition to continue their education in combination with other responsibilities, Franklin stands out. We are proud to be a nonprofit University that has been dedicated to serving working adults for more than a century by offering relevant and attainable educational programs. 

Perhaps you wish to finish your bachelor’s degree or complete a graduate program. Perhaps you are poised to transfer from another institution or you are ready to launch your educational journey. Whatever your educational aspiration, you will find that Franklin University offers you an experience that is both grounded in the reality of real-world situations and inspired by the possibilities of the future.

In some ways, learning at Franklin is like reading a good poem.  In the same way that appreciating artfully placed words can be an experience that provokes thought and evokes emotion, acquiring knowledge at Franklin University can be an enriching, highly rewarding journey.

Just as every word must carry its own weight and contribute to the overall effect of a poem, the programs at Franklin are designed to weave together academic theory with the professional and life experiences of your professors, your classmates, and yourself, ultimately contributing to the complete learning experience.

And in the same way that inspiring words can challenge us to think differently and improve ourselves, I am pleased with how our University has advanced by daring to be bold.

We have grown beyond our roots in Central Ohio and reached across cultural and geographical boundaries to create greater opportunities for students around the world. In so doing, the scope of your learning is expanded and the value of your degree is increased.

Welcome to Franklin University, where you can acquire knowledge that will make you as distinctive as this exceptional school.

Dr. David R. Decker