A Nonprofit University that Puts You First

Your education should be just that – yours. As a private, nonprofit online college invested solely in student success, Franklin University’s mission is to make higher education, personal growth and professional achievement possible for everyone.

Student Focused

Students matter -- profits don't.

Relevant Education

Benefit from continually updated degree programs.

Competitive Cost

Get more for less at our student-focused, nonprofit university.

Why Being a Nonprofit College Matters

Our commitment is always to you. Learn how our educational, research, and quality-minded investments yield better, more far-reaching benefits for you than just earning a college diploma.

Focused On Your Success

When it comes to for-profit vs. nonprofit universities, the most crucial difference is this: You. As a nonprofit online college, we invest in your success, not in making a profit or pleasing shareholders.

Leadership Committed To Your Learning

As a nonprofit school, we’re under the direction of an all-volunteer Board of Trustees with strong ties to local communities and industry leaders, as well as advisory boards that help shape each of our programs.

Career-Focused Academics

Unlike for-profits, we have no shareholders to please. That means Franklin has unique freedom and flexibility to innovate, respond to, and invest in new programs, technologies and trends. Our unwavering commitment is to creating highly responsive and relevant academic programs that prepare you for career success today and tomorrow.

Solid, 360-Degree Student Support

We continually invest in bringing our students the latest learning technologies, resources and tools. From academic support, to career development, to coaching, we’re here to help you, the busy working adult, earn your college degree.

Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Colleges & Universities

Learn how our status as a nonprofit university allows Franklin to serve you better.

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Reputation & History

Institutions like Franklin are free to focus on creating and delivering a high-quality education without having to concern themselves with turning a profit or answering to revenue-focused interests.

These institutions have a different focus and priority -- earning a profit for their shareholders and other stakeholders.

Online colleges like Franklin operate independently of any owner structure with free reign to decide what’s in their students’ best interests. 

Shareholder-led schools are often subsidiaries of larger corporations or groups dedicated to serving multiple constituencies.

The leadership structure of nonprofits usually includes an accomplished staff under the direction of a Board of Trustees with strong ties to the local community. Many also seek active input from community leaders through advisory groups and alumni boards. 

The majority of for-profit colleges are traded on a major stock exchange or owned by private equity firms concerned with profitability.

Until the latter part of the 20th century, colleges and universities historically were nonprofit with deeply rooted reputations for excellence in education.

First popular in the 1970s, for-profits have more recently been at the center of a national debate on funding, marketing and student outcomes, with some citing the need for more transparency, standards and accountability.

Nonprofit Schools Invest in Your Future

As a nonprofit institution, Franklin does not report to shareholders or private equity groups. That means we’re free to embrace change, and to recruit and retain accomplished staff and instructors to advance the scope and quality of your education.

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