Fast & Affordable

Affordable & Fast College Degrees for Busy Schedules

With our generous transfer credit policy, competitive tuition rates, unique financial aid promise, and commitment to making college more affordable, let Franklin help you save money and earn your college degree faster.

Maximize Transfer Credits

More than 90% of students transfer credit from other schools.

1:1 Transfer Support

We’ll work with you to make sure you maximize all possible transfer credits

$13M in Tuition Assistance

Find out if you're eligible for scholarships and grants from Franklin.

50+ Scholarships Available

Apply for one of our business, healthcare or other scholarships.

Save Time

Our Joint Programs of Study option lets you fast-track your master's.

Finish Faster

Complete your master's degree in under two years.

Budget-Conscious Bachelor’s Degrees

From affordable tuition to course credit for college-level experience in the workplace or military (and more!), we can help you finish your bachelor’s degree without going broke. In fact, Franklin University’s tuition rate is 66 percent lower than the national average for private, nonprofit four-year colleges.

Maximize Your Transfer Credit

Finish your degree faster and more affordably by transferring up to 94 hours of previously earned credits. Our seamless transfer credit process, combined with our 135+ community college partnership network, makes getting credit for what you know fast and easy.

Earn Credit with Proficiency Testing

Demonstrate college-level learning and save on the cost of your degree when you earn college credit through testing. We accept credit by examination with a passing grade in eligible CLEP and DSST proficiency examinations. Exclusive to Franklin, are our Franklin University Proficiency Exams (FUPE), another way to earn credit.

Accelerated Master’s Degrees

Earn your graduate degree in 12-28 months with our accelerated programs designed for busy working adults. We’ll also help you find out if you’re eligible for grants, loans, scholarships, or credit for previously earned master’s degree coursework.

Earn Your Master's Degree Faster

Earn your master’s degree at Franklin in as few as 12-28 months. Our accelerated graduate degree programs are designed to help you finish faster and more affordably -- even while you work full time.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money by earning your master’s at Franklin and transferring up to 12 credit hours toward your degree. Many of our master’s degree programs accept professional certifications, as well as previously earned graduate-level credit.

Doctorate Degrees Designed for Completion

Our applied doctorate programs are designed for fast and affordable completion. Transfer up to 24 credit hours and finish your doctoral degree program -- including your dissertation -- in three years. 

Earn Your Doctorate Faster

Lead the way, advance your profession, and earn your highest credential in 3 years or less with programs designed for busy adults.

Transfer More and Save

Get credit for what you already know, and finish your doctorate faster and more affordably. Our generous transfer credit policy lets you seamlessly apply up to 24 hours of previously earned doctoral credit.

Find Your Affordable Degree Program

Welcome to the fast and easy way to find the Franklin college degree program that’s right for you. Sort by degree type, category or location. Start your future now.

See How Franklin Fits Your Budget

Take the Guesswork Out of Paying for Your Degree

Learn how the cost of a degree at Franklin University will impact your finances with our cost estimate calculator. From funding sources to education expenses, you’ll get a comprehensive view of the variables that can alter the bottom line.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We’re committed to helping you find funding for your college education while minimizing debt. Let us introduce you to our exclusive scholarships and other federal, state and local financial aid resources and assistance.

College Scholarships & Grants

Save on college tuition by reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. As a result of more than 50 available scholarships, our students are awarded more than $13 million in scholarships and grants annually. Let our friendly financial aid advisors help you find federal, state, and local scholarship and grant money.

Reduced Tuition for Military Service Members

Reduce tuition costs with a variety of military-only benefits, including credit for training time, scholarships and discounts for active duty, reserve, National Guard members, veterans, and eligible military family members.

Tuition Reimbursement

Lower your out-of-pocket tuition costs with help from employer-paid educational assistance. Talk to your HR or Training & Education department about tuition assistance benefits that may be available to you, including direct billing or deferred tuition reimbursement.

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