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Community College Student FAQs

Get answers to your questions about transferring to Franklin University from your community college.

Q: What is the Community College Alliance (CCA)?
A: The Community College Alliance is a partnership between Franklin University and more than 230 community and technical colleges across the U.S. One of the largest programs of its kind in the nation, Franklin’s CCA Program serves students by providing a bachelor’s degree through a combination of courses taken at community colleges and on campus or online through Franklin.

Q: How do I transfer to Franklin University?
A: You transfer credits earned at your community college toward a Franklin University bachelor’s degree. Once your official transfer credit evaluation has been completed, you can finish your bachelor’s degree through a combination of courses taken at the community college and Franklin University, or entirely through Franklin.

Q: How many credits can I transfer?
A: Franklin's generous transfer credit policy allows you to transfer up to 94 credit hours toward your bachelor's degree. Use our free transfer credit equivalency tool to get an estimate of the number of credits you could transfer to Franklin, how much money those credits are worth, and how quickly you can finish your bachelor's degree.

Q: How will Franklin know what courses I have taken at my community college?
A: You need to have official copies of your transcripts from all previously attended educational institutions sent directly to Franklin University. After all transcripts have been received and you complete a free application to Franklin, the Office of Transfer & Articulation Credit will complete an official transfer credit evaluation indicating what courses you need to take to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Q: Can I take additional transfer courses at my community college and Franklin at the same time?
A: Yes. You may complete coursework at both schools simultaneously. However, you will need to complete any necessary prerequisite courses prior to taking advanced level courses from Franklin. You can start taking classes at Franklin after completing our PF 321 Learning Strategies course.

Q: How will students know if online learning is right for them?
A: Learning online is a unique, effective learning process, which Franklin makes possible through a variety of online tools. These include class discussion boards, class chat sessions, white boards, and email. To help you become comfortable with online learning at Franklin, the first class you take is PF 321 Learning Strategies Course.

Q: Is it true that Franklin lets me know what homework is due ahead of time?
A: Yes. Franklin’s Balanced Learning Format (BLF) takes the guesswork out of planning your study time. Each course is laid out in detail on its own course Web site – week by week, assignment by assignment. And each course Web site is available ten days before the class begins, so you know what’s due when and how much time to set aside for each assignment.

Q: Will I have an advisor at Franklin University?
A: Yes. You will be assigned an Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor clarifies your educational and career goals, helps prepare your chronological degree plan, provides information on academic requirements and University policies, and acts as your liaison to other University resources.

Q: What are Franklin University’s tuition rates?
A: View our current tuition rates here.

Q: How do I apply to Franklin University?
A: Applying is easy and free. Apply online now, or call 1.888.341.6300 to request an application be mailed.

Q: Is financial aid available?
A: Yes. Students are eligible for financial aid if they have a high school diploma, GED, or an associate’s degree. To apply, you must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and an Outside Assistance Form (if necessary). In addition, beginning with the 2013-14 award year, if you plan to attend your community college for any term within the award year and would like Franklin to consider hours at your community college in your financial aid award, you must submit a Student Contract. If you anticipate attending Franklin University only, submission of this document is NOT required. For questions about financial aid, students can email or call Franklin’s information center at 1.877.341.6300 to make a phone appointment with one of our Financial Aid Counselors.

Q: How does a student purchase textbooks?
A: Books required for Franklin University courses are available through the college division of Barnes & Noble and will be mailed to you. To order Franklin University books, visit the Franklin bookstore or order by phone at 1.888.341.6300, ext. 6828.

Q: Do students register for courses at their community college or at Franklin University?
A: While taking associate’s degree and additional transfer courses at the community college, you will register as usual. When registering for Franklin courses, you can do so online at or by calling your Academic Advisor at 1.888.341.6300 after completing your first Franklin course, PF 321 Learning Strategies.

Q: What programs of study does Franklin University offer?
View our complete list of undergraduate majors and graduate programs.

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