Estimate Your Transfer Credit

See how many of your college credits transfer

Franklin wants you to keep as many of your previously earned college credits as possible so you can save time, money -- and finish your degree faster. Take just 10 minutes to see if your classes are transferrable using our free, online transfer credit estimator.

In addition to checking your college course equivalency on our website, we’ll compare degree programs and help you find the best fit for your transfer credits.

MyTransfer Credit

Complete your unofficial college transfer credit evaluation now.

Launch Transfer Credit Tool

See Your Savings

Visual charts show what transfers and how much you'd save.

Instant Transfer Estimate

Get real-time savings estimates with every course you enter.

Program Recommendation Tool

Find the fastest, most affordable major for your credit.

Maximum Transfer Credits

Find the major that offers you the most transfer credit.

Finish Your Degree Faster

Take just 10 quick minutes to use our free, no-obligation, online tool that lets you:

See how many transfer credits you may have.

Find out how much you could save on tuition costs with transfer credits.

Learn how fast you could finish your degree by transferring your credits.

How MyTransfer Credit Works

We get it. Previously earned college credit is incredibly valuable. And since 90 percent of our students transfer credit, we built this tool to help you estimate the number of credits you’ve already earned, how much money your transfer credits could save you on tuition costs, and how much faster you could graduate.

Know Your Credits

See a course-by-course comparison of Franklin’s courses compared to the ones you’ve already taken.

Get Immediate Feedback

Add a new course and MyTransfer Credit immediately refreshes, showing you how much money you could save, and how much faster you could complete your degree.

Compare Multiple Majors

See which major could help you finish faster and save more money with MyTransfer Credit’s built-in program-to-program comparison.

Let Us Find the Best Fit

If there are majors that could save you more time and money than the ones you choose, MyTransfer Credit is smart enough to show you those, too.

Compare Full Time vs. Part Time

See a timeline of your estimated graduation date for both full-time and part-time classes.

Save For Later

Keep your results for later or use them to compare to other colleges and universities.

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