Community College Students

Community College Students

Consortium agreements/Student Contracts are written agreements between two or more institutions that allow you to take coursework simultaneously at different institutions for the purpose of completing your college degree. 

Franklin University collaborates with over 135 community and technical colleges around the nation. Check with your advisor to see if the Community College Alliance (CCA) program is right for you, and if there is a community college near you that participates in the CCA program. 

Student Financial Services

Community College Alliance

How It Works

Under this type of agreement, you can take courses at your community college, the "host school", and have those courses count toward a first bachelor's degree at Franklin University, the "home school."

The home school is the school that grants the degree, as well as process, awards and distributes financial aid. The host school is responsible for certifying your enrollment status and providing information, such as costs for tuition and fees, grades and withdrawal information. 

Step 1: Complete the FAFSA

Franklin University is your  Home School (Code: 003046)

Step 2: Review the Consortium Agreement 

Fully understand your rights and responsibilities as a CCA student; then complete the Student Contract. We will send a copy of your Student Contract and the Community College Signature Form to the Financial Aid Office at your Host School (your community or technical college).

Step 3: Review Your Offer Letter

Have a plan for paying tuition at both schools. Please note that your tuition to your Host School may be due before a refund from Franklin is available. 

Step 4: Maintain Your Enrollment Status 

If your status changes during the term, please notify Franklin University's Student Financial Services.

Step 5: Send Transcripts 

Request an official transcript from the Host School to be sent to Franklin University at the end of the term.


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