Cost Estimate Calculator Tool

College Tuition Calculator Uncovers Savings, Clarifies Costs

Life is full of surprises, but how much you will pay for your degree shouldn’t be one of them. Franklin’s MyCost Estimator conveniently details expenses alongside cost savings and funding sources. This comprehensive, personalized estimate shows you how a high-quality degree fits your budget. 

Estimate Your Savings + Cost

See Your Savings

Transfer credit, tuition discounts and financial aid lower the cost of your degree.

Plan With Confidence

Easily get total cost information to create your budget.

Customized Results

Final cost is personalized to reflect financial benefits available to you.

Estimate Your Cost Savings

Our cost estimator factors in the six most-widely used cost saving and financing tools to show you how you can minimize your out-of-pocket costs and increase the affordability of your degree.

Transfer credit savings

Military discounts & benefits


Government Loans & Grants

Partnership Discounts

Employer Reimbursement

How It Works

MyCost Estimator is free, easy to use, and provides a personalized estimate of your total degree cost at Franklin University. The calculator itemizes your expenses and available saving options in a report that helps you create a financial plan that puts your mind at ease. 

Step 1

Enter your program of interest and anticipated start date to get a baseline cost estimate.

Step 2

Identify saving opportunities (transfer credit, scholarships and tuition discounts) to see the decrease in total cost.

Step 3

Review your in-depth cost report.

  • Amount of detail results provided in breakdown; detailed summary of your costs
    • See your estimated cost by term, month or year.

Step 4

Save your personalized report for future reference.