Tuition Comparison

Compare Costs and Determine Value

While cost is one factor that impacts your college choice, as you consider returning to school it is important to ensure that you get the experience that you want in an environment that will enable you to be successful. 

Scheduling Assistance

75% of students count on advisors for class registration.

Professional Tutoring

Tutoring is accessible (2,000 sessions per term) and free. 

Less Stress

Learning Assistance eases homework and exam stress for 93% of students. 

More Transfer Credit

The average Franklin student transfers in 89 credits.

Compare Costs: Private, Nonprofit Universities

A nonprofit, private institution solely dedicated to serving working adults, Franklin University’s tuition rate is 67 percent lower than the national average for private, nonprofit four-year colleges.

*Franklin annual tuition is 31 credit hours at the 2021-22 rate. The national average private, nonprofit is from the Trends in College Pricing 2021. Source: College Board.

Franklin Delivers More for Adults

At Franklin University, we demonstrate our commitment to helping you finish your degree by investing nearly every tuition dollar collected back into the resources and services necessary to help you be successful.

We Know the Problem and We Can Solve It

Education isn’t one-size-fits-all. As an adult returning to school, your life is different than it was when you started your journey. At Franklin, we’ve been removing obstacles to higher education for busy adults since 1902. It’s all we’ve ever done - and it’s what we will do for you.

Most Never Complete

Only one-third of students who stop out of college eventually complete their degree.

Too Many Commitments

The No.1 reason adult students leave school without a degree is the inability to manage commitments.
(Source: InsideTrack)

We're here to help you finish

Any school can help you get started - our specialty is helping students, like you, finish. You’re back in the game and you’re ready to succeed. Count on us to provide the support you need to achieve your personal and career goals.

Early Alert

We’ll make sure you stay on track and reach out to assist when it seems like you might be struggling.

Transfer Credit

By accepting more of your previously earned credit, we’ll shorten the amount of time it takes to earn your degree.

Personalized Support

We’ll provide the resources you need when you need them. Your academic advisor is your trusted source for timely information, support and motivation.

Fantastic Finishers

JaVonne, Community College Transfer

JaVonne Landed Her Dream Job

“During my last semester at Franklin, I began to update and submit my résumé. When I graduated, I had about 7 interviews and 3 job offers. One of those offers actually was for my dream job.” 

Javonne transferred her previously earned credits from a community college and earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She’s now an internal auditor. In addition to earning her dream job, she says she was proud to be an example for her son showing him that “he can do everything mommy can do, plus more.”

Christina, Busy Mom

Christina Found Time To Succeed

“As I was making the decision to go back to school, I was considering the challenge of raising five kids ages 5-16. And also, having the time to study and be successful. I didn't want to go back to school and not be able to succeed. Franklin made it possible by having a complete online program that fit my life.” 

Even though Christina was nervous about being able to succeed, at Franklin she found tools that were in place to help her. She not only completed her bachelor’s degree, she later earned a master’s degree at Franklin as well.

Vaughn, Persistent Degree Seeker

Vaughn Kept His Promise

“When I walked across the stage and heard my name at graduation, I realized that I achieved something that I started 20 years ago. It was like a boulder had been lifted off of my shoulders.”

Vaughn built a career without finishing his degree and when weighing the time and cost investment necessary to finish, he wondered how much he really even needed it. However, Franklin’s reputation for serving working adults and a promise he made to himself that he wanted to set an example for his daughter pushed him to completion. A financial advisor with the intention to one-day have his own brokerage, Vaughn believes his degree opens the door to more opportunities.