Student Parking

Student Parking Policy

1. Franklin University provides free parking on University lots for students when engaging in University business. Parking lots are conveniently located on the campus near all University buildings.

The speed limit in University parking lots is 5 mph.

2. Students using parking lots must register their vehicle(s) and obtain a parking permit from Student Services. Work-study students are subject to employee parking rules and will receive an employee parking permit.

Parking permits must be displayed on the lower corner of the driver's side rear window. Permits are nonpermanent static cling and may be moved from vehicle to vehicle as necessary. Students should notify Student Services to register a different vehicle or new license plate number. Crumpled non-sticking permits should be replaced.

3. Lot C near the Student Services Center is for student and visitor use.

4. Handicapped parking, denoted by the wheelchair symbol, is available throughout the campus. These specifically designated spots include the striped areas on either side of the parking space. These assigned areas are intended for use only by those specified individuals who are registered with the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles as handicapped, and who need assistance and close proximity to the building. Vehicles must display a current Franklin University permit and handicap decal.

5. Visitor parking is available on all campus lots.

6. Motorcycle parking is available in the Frasch Hall and Phillips Hall parking lots.

7. Violation of parking policies may result in a City of Columbus citation, the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense, and/or the loss of parking privileges.The City of Columbus levies fines for parking violations on private property as follows: handicapped parking violation, $500; all other violations, $17 per occurrence.

8. Franklin University assumes no responsibility for any damage, theft or personal injury involving vehicles parked on University lots.

Student parking map for the Franklin University campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio.