Drug Free School & Communities Act

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

The U.S. Department of Education has issued regulations implementing the provisions of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. Franklin University's policies on substance abuse and alcoholic beverages outline information on University sanctions for violation of these policies, criminal sanctions for the illegal possession or distribution of drugs and alcohol, and health risks of drugs and alcohol. These policies will be distributed annually to each Franklin University student and employee.  The University reviews its alcohol and drug programs annually for effectiveness and consistency of application and, where necessary, make appropriate changes. Questions or concerns regarding University policies should be addressed to the Office of Community Standards at advocate@franklin.edu.

Standards of Conduct 

Franklin University takes a strong stand against substance abuse and will vigorously enforce its rules regarding alcohol and illegal drug use. Franklin University is focused on the protection of the campus community.  Students, Faculty, and Staff of Franklin University, agree to comply with all University regulations as a condition of enrollment or employment. As responsible adults and representatives of the University, they are accountable for their actions both on and off campus. The University supports and will cooperate with authorities of the federal, state, and local governments in the enforcement of public laws and regulations regarding alcohol and illegal drugs.

All Franklin University students, faculty, and staff are expected to abide by the terms of the University's policies. A student and/or employee found to be in possession, illegally using, or distributing drugs and/or alcohol may be subject to appropriate sanctions. Such sanctions may include and are not limited to:

  • referral for prosecution
  • termination of employment, and/or
  • referral to The Office of Community Standards for violations of the Student Code of Conduct which may result in reprimand, probation, suspension or expulsion

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