Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures

Transfer Credit Information

Franklin University works to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility toward learners with respect to programmatic, administrative and academic processes. As these processes relate to articulation and transfer, Franklin is guided by the work of the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), working with public two-year and four-year institutions to facilitate articulation and transfer. These policies are maintained electronically at The ODHE preamble for articulation and transfer states that “the many state-assisted and independent college and universities and career-technical institutions operating in Ohio offer an array of courses, programs, certificates, undergraduate degrees, and certification and licensure opportunities. Students use these resources in a wide variety of ways-choosing a few courses, a few terms, a certificate, a full degree, or multiple degrees to meet their education goals. While some students may begin and complete their education at one institution, may find it necessary to enroll in a course or two as a guest/transient student at other institutions along the way. Additionally, some students have completed transferrable college-level courses while enrolled in high school through Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) Program (Ohio Department of Higher Education, Introduction)

Franklin was founded to serve the educational needs of working adults and has maintained a commitment to that mission throughout its history of more than 100 years. Franklin University values the work of the Ohio Department of Higher Education relative to transfer and articulation and has chosen to use the ODHE principles for articulation and transfer for guidance. These ODHE principles are extended to credit transferred in from accredited institutions outside Ohio as described below. In addition, credit is sometimes transferred in from accredited and non-accredited institutions in and outside of Ohio - please see below for more details.

The university incorporates quality, comparability, appropriateness, and applicability as central components in transfer credit decisions. A comprehensive transfer credit team (Office of Transfer and Articulation) is assigned to this function, with a periodic review of articulation and transfer credit policies and procedures by the Transfer and Articulation Review Committee. These transfer credit processes are designed to uphold the integrity of the degree and to decrease undesirable variability in the credit transfer process.