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Tuition Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Franklin University issues credits in the manner in which the funds were received. For overages from financial aid that are above payments made through their myFranklin account, students must select a preference through BankMobile.

With BankMobile, students have the opportunity to have the funds directly deposited to an existing checking or savings account or you can open up a vibe checking account with BankMobile. If no selection is made, then the refund will default to a check being mailed after 21 days of BankMobile receiving the refund.

If you are a current student and need to elect your refund preference, please visit and enter the code you received in your refund selection kit or email. If you need a new code, you are able to request one to be emailed to you when on the site by selecting the "Need a Code?" option.

Click here to view Franklin’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank.

Tuition Refunds

When students withdraw from one or more courses, they may be entitled to a tuition refund. The tables below provide the Franklin University general refund policy as well as specific policies dictated by regulations of the U.S. Military.

Please review the policy and information in the "Return of Title IV Funds" drop-down menu.